Snark Blocker - Mike Zeck's G.I. Joe Covers!

Prepare yourself - this much testosterone may be bad for your health.

Otherwise, enjoy!

At first, Zeck was just mixed in with other cover artists. Right from the get go, though, his covers were extremely dynamic with interesting angles and layouts.

Then. however, Zeck began his most famous stretch of covers, drawing the covers for issues #37-57, with only one John Byrne cover (for #51) mixed in.

As you can see, almost all his covers are striking in either one of two ways - either they are dynamic action shots or they are dramatic looking cool poses.

There are a few slight duds mixed in there, of course (the cover for #50 stands out, I believe, in a negative sense - it does not seem all that dramatic for a 50th issue), but for the most part, he was on top of things every month.

During this time, he even helped launch a new G.I. Joe title - G.I. Joe Special Missions, where his action covers were definitely warranted...

Some of the later Special Missions covers seem a bit on the rough side, but still, very cool covers.

Zeck also did the cover for one of the G.I. Joe Yearbooks...

Zeck actually stayed on the covers of the main book for nine issues past #57, but man, the change in the book's direction did not suit Zeck's style at ALL.

An armored Cobra Commander? A guy in a Hawkman get-up? Some pirate guy on a hovercraft? Zeck did what he could, but this was no longer his wheelhouse...

The exception, of course, is this three-parter where Zeck got to draw what he drew best - dynamic military action scenes...

#61, in particular, is one of the best covers he did on the book.

But then it was back to the sillier plots...

When Zeck is drawing stuff in outer space - you know you've gone too far.

He got one last cool cover and he was done with the book, after forty-four awesome covers!

As always, thanks to the Grand Comic Book Database for the covers!

And thanks, of course, to the great Mike Zeck for these covers!

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