Snark Blocker for 8/8

Last year, I shared a Snark Blocker filled with awesome diptychs and quadtychs (and sometimes even BIGGER than quadtychs!). You can find the first one here.

As many as a I showed, there are still plenty I missed, so here are some more, for your snark blocking pleasure!!

Pedro Bouça recommended this sweet John Byrne dipytch piece from the original Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe.

Just for fun, here, so tiny you can't see them, are the Ed Hannigan 12-tych covers for the original Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe.

Here is a recent Jimmy Cheung diptych for Avengers Initiative #1.

Reader, thechrisexperience, recommended this OTHER Jimmy Cheung quadtych, which is hurt a bit by the Civil War trade dress.

Here's a Jae Lee diptych from Spider-Man 2099...

yo go re recommended this Star Wars: Vader's Quest quadtych...

Michael Rawdon recommended this John Byrne quadtych from Superman/Batman Generations II.

Colossus 2000 recommended this Ron Lim quintych from the 2099 titles.

There ya go!

If I've missed some, let me know!

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