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Snark Blocker for 11/21 – Updated With New Images!

by  in Comic News Comment
Snark Blocker for 11/21 – Updated With New Images!

Here, for your snark blocking pleasure, are a bunch of diptych and triptych covers!!


First off, one of the first examples of this phenomenon…George Perez’ covers for the crossover between Teen Titans and Outsiders.

When the new members of the Justice League of America were introduced (the JLDetroit years), each of the four new additions got their own spotlight covers, in a quadtych covers by Chuck Patton…

Rodolfo Damaggio did a nice job with this triptych for a crossover between Green Lantern, Green Arrow and the Flash.

Commenter Jeff R. recommended this triptych from when Captain Atom/Suicide Squad/Detective all sort of had a crossover together…

Alex Ross did a diptych for JSA – note how lighter the one half is – weird.

Commenter Punch recommended this triptych for the Invisibles by Sean Phillips…

Here’s Jim Lee’s popular quadtych for X-Men #1….

Reader Zero recommended this Wonder Man quadtych…

He also recommended this Keith Giffen triptych from Giffen’s classic Legion of Superheroes run…

Chris Sprouse had a nice quintych early in the Legionnaires series…

Here’s a diptych John Byrne did during Secret Wars II (as recommended by commenter Bryan), when Spider-Man was going back and forth between costumes…

Travis Charest provided this nice cover for Outsiders #1 Alpha and Omega (by the by, what an awful concept – almost as bad as Team Titans #1).

Commenter Craig recommended I use this Young All-Stars/Infinity, Inc. diptych…

Michael Kaluta provided this nice triptych for the last three issues of this volume of Aquaman.

Commenter RJackson recommended I use this triptych from the 1988 Detective Comics, Green Arrow and The Question Annuals…

Commenter david recommended I use this Alan Davis triptych from a fight between Iron Man, Thor and Captain America…

Commenter DanCJ recommended I use this Kid Eternity triptych…

Here are two HUGE cover images, courtesy of Valiant’s Unity crossover!

I guess they’re octotychs! 🙂

First, a big image by Frank Miller…

And here, one by Walt Simonson!

Greg mentioned Alex Ross’ Starman covers, so viola!!

Greg also mentioned his Earth X covers, so here they are!!

Here’s Universe X…

Commenter Douglas recommended the last ten issues of Cerebus. I had to go pretty small to fit them all, I hope it doesn’t look TOO weird.

Commenter Andrew-TLA recommended this ninetych of the DC crossover Millennium Giants. Look at the variety of titles involved!! Crazy!!

My pal Gilda recommended I add this clever quadtych by Mike Wieringo, so, well, here it is!

Pretty cool, huh?

Feel the snark wash away!!

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