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DEARBORN, MI - SNAP! The Comic Arts Festival 2006 is less than two weeks away! The only comic convention of it's kind in Michigan. The goal of SNAP! is to showcase local, self-published and small press comic creators. And for the first time, there will be a live music halftime to help create a unique and inviting ambience.

SNAP! The Comic Arts Festival 2006 hosts over 40 local and regional comic creators including local favorite and the 2005 SPACE Lifetime Achievement Award winning Matt Feazell (Amazing CynicalMan), Sean Bieri (Jumbo Jape, Metro Times illos.) and Wendi Frost (Hula Cat Comics) along with hot up and comers like David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Douglas Paszkiewicz (Arsenic Lullabies) and Eric Adams (Lackluster World).

Small press gatherings like SNAP! are gaining attention around the country for their focus on the art of graphic storytelling. These events give the creators unfettered access to the multitude of fans hungry for new ideas and stories in a more intimate setting. "The small press and self-publishing comic book scene is increasingly thought of as the way to make a name for yourself in this business." says event coordinator Dan Merritt "And the success of SNAP! last year proved that the media savy people in the metro Detroit market know that this is the place to discover a new favorite or catch up with the works of an established veteran."

The schedule this year also includes a half-time show featuring live music in the main showroom. Performers include Ypsilanti electronic improvisers Bubblegone vs. Verzerren and Ambit. The goal behind including music into the event is to forge a unique dynamic between two complimentary art forms. It also gives the exhibitors a break so they can experience the show from the other side of the table

SNAP! The Comic Arts Festival will be held on Saturday, November 4th in Dearborn, Michigan at the Al Matta Hall located at 5121 Oakman Blvd (1 block north of Michigan Ave). The event starts at 10am and runs until 6pm (with live music from 2-3pm). Admission to SNAP! is only $3 and parking is free. The Al Matta grill will be serving great food throughout the event. All programming and workshops will be held in the Al Matta Bar located onsite. More info on the event, including directions and expanded guest list, can be found at the website:

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