Snake Eyes Producer Teases Whether GI Joe Will Speak, Reveals Start Date

Snake Eyes with Sword

The next G.I. Joe movie, a solo spinoff centering around Snake Eyes, finally has a time frame for starting production, and the movie might give a voice to the quiet swordsman -- literally.

In an interview with /Film, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura offered an update on the project. Asked when the movie would start, he replied, "We probably start late summer, early fall."

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He was then asked if the character would remain silent despite being the film's star. Di Bonaventura laughed in response to the question before saying, "I’m not going to spoil that one. I will say this. Part of the opportunity of going back is to discover who is this guy. For me, I’m most interested in seeing it as an origin story. If you see it as an origin story, you do get to see him speak for X period of time."

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Reports say Snake Eyes is aiming for a March 2020 release date. It's directed by Robert Schwentke of the Divergent sequels, Insurgent and Allegiant. The film will follow Snake Eyes' journey to Japan for training and him eventually joining the G.I. Joe team.

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