Snake Eyes Is Getting His Own GI Joe Spinoff Movie

Snake Eyes, the resident ninja of G.I. Joe, is getting his own movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hasbro is developing a spinoff centered around the stealth expert of the peacekeeping military organization. Evan Spiliotopoulos, who previously wrote 2016's Huntsman: Winter's War, has been hired to pen the script.

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The Snake Eyes film is a result of Paramount Pictures assembling a writers' room for potential films centered around the G.I. Joe universe, including a hypothetical sequel to 2013's G.I. Joe: Retaliation. In that film and in 2009's The Rise of Cobra, the character was portrayed by Ray Park, the actor and martial artist behind Darth Maul from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

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Snake Eyes was one of the original members of the Real American Hero toyline in 1982, and has been part of the team ever since. Across all incarnations, he doesn't speak and is one of the brand's most popular characters

It''s unclear whether the Snake Eyes movie will take place in continuity of the previous G.I. Joe films or if it'll be part of a new rebooted line.

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