Smithsonian comics celebrate women in science

March is Women's History Month (and indeed, today is International Women's Day), so the Smithsonian Channel is running a series of shows on Sunday evenings telling the stories of various women in science — and they made some comics to go with them.

Written by Mallory Murphy, illustrated by Gerard Conte, and colored by Kevin Colden (who won a Xeric Award and was nominated for an Eisner for Fishtown), the comics go the traditional route, with covers that hint at more action than just sitting at a computer trying to make the code work (which is what the male scientist in my household seems to spend his time doing). In fact, each five-page comic focuses on a key moment in the scientist's early life, when they started asking the questions that led to their research.

The storytelling style fits nicely with the subject matter, and each comic is short enough to pique the interest without delivering a lecture (always a risk with educational comics), so the site is worth pointing out to any young potential scientists, male or female, who might take an interest

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