Smith debuts 'Pekar Project'

Smith magazine has unveiled their latest Webcomics enterprise, the Pekar Project, which features a collection of stories written by the king of Autobio comics hisself, Harvey Pekar. Publisher's Weekly has the details:

The Pekar Project features artwork by Tara Seibel, Sean Pryor, Joseph Remnant, and Rick Parker. Seibel first worked with Pekar in Cleveland for a year and a half on a strip called Rock City. Pekar began working with Remnant after Jay Lynch, an early underground cartoonist, recommended him. A recent School of Visual Arts graduate, Pryor worked with Pekar on a comic for the magazine Royal Flush, which is due out in October. And Parker illustrated a comic for SMITH’s Next Door Neighbor series, and was brought into the project by [editor Jeff] Newelt. “It was like assembling a band,” said Newelt of organizing the project. Parker continued the band analogy , “The songs are really about Harvey, and Jeff’s the band leader.”

The project will feature 20 complete stories that range from one-page strips to a 23-page story. The stories will run over the next three months. The Project will also feature a blog, interviews with the creators and behind-the-scenes clips.

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