'Smile' creator Raina Telgemeier visits the dentist

This February will mark five years since the release of Raina Telgemeier's Smile, the autobiographical graphic novel about her childhood from sixth grade to high school, partially documented by her orthodontia experience through those years.

Telgemeier's teeth were forefront in her mind earlier this week as she visited her dentist, taking a couple of pictures while there, which she shared on her Instagram account.

Telgemeier took note of her two front teeth (which were severely damaged years ago and served as the major catalyst for her dental treatments) when posting the photo:

The X-Ray view of my mouth!! Perhaps this photo should be at the end of Smile. The super-white stuff is all metal alloys, the two front (which used [to] be my bicuspids) are metal on the inside, and porcelain on the outside. They are also connected, so I can't floss between them. Most of the metal in my molars are from cavities filled in childhood. This has been your peek into my routine dental visit!

Ever the creative person, while at the dentist she took the time to admire the office's interior decorations, as well.

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