The 10 Smartest Characters In The DCEU, Ranked

The DC Universe is filled with incredibly smart men and women, heroes and villains alike. However, we have unfortunately only met a small handful of these people when it comes to the live-action side of things. From women running a band of supervillains doing heroes work to an American soldier in World War Two, there's certainly still quite a bit to talk about.

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Today we'll be going over eight of the smartest characters in the DCEU. Without any further ado, let's get right into it.

10 The Joker


The Joker is absolutely insane, sure. That doesn't mean that he doesn't know what he's doing. However, we didn't get to see much of Leto's Joker, and the most important things that he did were help Harley escape her imprisonment.

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Even that doesn't seem to last for him, as she's a free woman in Birds of Prey. Whether or not we will see this character again is very much so up in the air.

9 Lex Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

Sure, this take on Lex Luthor certainly hasn't been the most liked iteration, but he retains his skills from the other mediums he's appeared in when it comes to the DCEU. First introduced in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice... some weird things happen that we aren't going to get to involving tea and explosions. However, Lex Luthor gets some things done in the film before ultimately ending up in Arkham Asylum.

However, in a post-credits scene of Justice League, he manages to escape and begins to form a league of villains with the recruiting of Deathstroke. Hopefully, we do manage to see this league actually form. The restructuring of the entire DCEU could lead to trouble on that front, so we'll see. Lex Luthor really just hasn't hit his stride in the DCEU yet. Hopefully, he manages to do that soon.

8 Superman


Come on, it's Superman, what can't this guy do? Superman certainly needs to have his wits about him, as he is the strongest character to be introduced to the DCEU thus far. While he's incredibly powerful, he also uses his intellect throughout the movies he appears in. Besides being an accomplished journalist, he also attempted to stop the fight that would ensue between him and Batman (which was constructed by Luthor), something that Batman didn't do.

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He also knew that the only way to defeat Doomsday was to use Kryptonite against him, no matter the cost that it took to his own life. These acts of intelligence and bravery earn Clark Kent a spot on this list.

7 Rick Flag

joel kinnaman as rick flag

Rick Flag is Amanda Waller's appointed leader of the Suicide Squad. As the leader, he knows how to keep the crew in line. His personal connection to June also pushes him to help free her, so he devotes his all to the mission.

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While he isn't the mastermind of it all, leading a group like the Suicide Squad is still no joke, which is why he earns a place on this list.

6 Queen Hippolyta

Running an entire island of Amazoness Warriors isn't something that one does easily, but Queen Hippolyta manages to do it with ease. As Diana's mother, Hippolyta originally disapproved of Diana fighting but allowed her to continue to train with the condition that she would become the best Amazon fighter that there ever was.

She also led the charge against the Germans when they accidentally invaded Themyscira and allowed Diana to leave the island when it was her time to help mankind. Beyond Wonder Woman, she also was able to warn Diana that Steppenwolf was coming after she and the other Amazons attempted to save the Mother Box from his clutches to no avail.

5 Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is also a pretty smart character that was introduced in Wonder Woman. He has quite a few accomplishments under his belt, you know, that includes saving the world. He managed to steal Dr. Poision's notebook right from under her nose, which proved to be a pivotal turning point in the war against the Germans.

He then even gave his own life, as he knew flying the explosives into the sky at the end of Wonder Woman would save countless lives. Steve Trevor was Diana's right-hand man throughout the length of her origin story. Without him, she would have been lost in the world of mankind. The two made for a powerful duo that managed to save the world together.

4 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Bracelets of Submission

On that same note, Wonder Woman is quite the intelligent woman herself. In her origin story, she knew that it wouldn't be right to sit there and let the Germans take over the world, and made the brave decision to leave the definition of paradise to help in the fight against Ares.

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Wonder Woman showed off her vast intelligence a number of times, even translating and speaking several different languages when necessary. After taking down Ares, she played just as pivotal a role in Justice League, as she helped the league to take down Steppenwolf.

3 Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller is an incredibly powerful and intelligent government official who was key in the creation of the infamous Suicide Squad. She knew that sending out a group of expendable villains to do the work of heroes would be perfect, and made sure to make sure that none of them would escape through the use of an explosive implanted in their body.

She is cold and calculated and has no regard for the unwilling participants' safety. She uses multiple members of the Justice League to do her bidding, as they incapacitate all of the members that she wants to join the team. If anyone who wasn't as smart as Waller tried to take on this task, they'd never be able to get it done.

2 Bruce Wayne


Bruce Wayne is the only member of the Justice League with no powers of his own and instead uses his incredible knowledge and skills to make it as a hero. Using these, he is able to employ the best of the best to create technology to aid him in his crime-fighting.

He also has the knowledge to know how to take down anyone that chooses to go against him. He is an excellent tactician and leads the Justice League in the fight against Steppenwolf.

1 Cyborg

The smartest character in the DCEU is without a doubt Cyborg. Being half-machine, he is able to tap into any database he needs to, and thus has massive amounts of knowledge, just about anything he needs to know, at his fingertips. He is a crucial part of the Justice League, and the team wouldn't have been able to destroy any of the Mother Boxes without Cyborg.

While Cyborg might not be the biggest fan of his father's enhancements, they gave him power and intellect that make him one of the most important Justice League members there is, which places him at the number one spot in this list.

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