<i>Smallville's</i> Michael Rosenbaum Wants to be <i>Man of Steel's</i> Luthor

Lex Luthor is out there. Although Superman's key nemesis wasn't seen in Man of Steel, the LuthorCorp tower appeared in the film, making it clear the brilliant but twisted billionaire exists somewhere in the DC Cinematic Universe.

With that in mind, Smallville actor Michael Rosenbaum wants to make sure he's on the radar of Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder when casting gets under way for the fast-tracked Man of Steel sequel. Rosenbaum, who played Luthor for much of Smallville's 10-year run, out the following tweet on Wednesday:


Can the Superman fans out there spread the word that there's really no other choice.Let Cranston stick to meth.Thanks http://t.co/Sgv0XNugTA

— Michael Rosenbaum (@mrosenbaum711) June 26, 2013


The BuzzFocus.com link refers to a list of actors who should play Luthor in Man of Steel 2, with Rosenbaum's name right at the top. Clearly he has the experience, but should Warner Bros. dip into the Smallville well for its big-screen efforts? That's a debate for the comments section.

Meanwhile, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston as Luthor does get the wheels turning, doesn't it?

(via ComicBookMovie.com)

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