"Smallville's" A Tale of Two Zods

While most of the world spent last Friday evening watching multiple re-airings of the royal wedding, "Smallville" fans took in the final appearance of Callum Blue as the legendary Superman baddie General Zod. What you may not know, however, is that Blue stepped into the role of the twisted Kryptonian dictator after another "Smallville" veteran walked away from the part - Sam Witwer.

Back in Season Eight of The CW's Superman series, Witwer joined the cast as the charming paramedic Davis Bloome (along with Cassidy Freeman's Tess Mercer) to fill in the void left by the departure of Michael Rosenbaum's Lex (who returns in the May 13 series finale). Davis immediately fell for Allison Mack's Chloe prior to her wedding with Jimmy Olsen...only to show up to the reception as the monster Doomsday. In the episode "Bloodline," Davis/Doomsday was revealed to be the genetic son of Zod and said to bear a strong facial resemblance to dear old Dad. After Witwer left the series in 2009, those breadcrumbs sparked some online debate as to whether or not Witwer, who had signed a three-year option on "Smallville," was originally intended to somehow transform into Zod for Season Nine. While shooting SyFy's "Being Human" this past fall Witwer confirmed as much, recalling his conversation with the producers and decision to move on from the series.

"I was just like: 'So, you're telling me that this guy looks exactly the same, and we've already established that Davis Bloome's likeness is all over Metropolis as a serial murderer in the newspapers and Chloe would never be around this guy after he's killed Jimmy Olsen. Do you realize how badly you've pinned yourself in a corner?'"

The thirty-four-year-old was "very flattered" by the offer to continue with the show, but admits that "it didn't entirely make sense to me and I thought they'd do better to find someone else. I hope I didn't piss anyone off, because I think that they were surprised."

Technically speaking, Witwer did portray Zod in the final moments of his last episode, "Doomsday"...albeit a very naked Zod, standing on the lawn of the Luthor Mansion with his back turned to the camera. Producers then proceeded to cast British-born Blue in the role originally made famous by fellow Englishman Terrence Stamp. He remained with the series for the entirety of the Ninth Season, which ended with Zod and his army getting sucked away from Metropolis into a portal. Witwer feels it was all for the best.

"I had a really great time on that show and...they killed my character. I signed on to play Davis Bloome and I loved that character, and if Davis is not there well...that's what I agreed to do."

"Smallville" alumni have returned by the truckload throughout the course of this tenth and final season, from Allison Mack, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider to John Glover, Callum Blue and the recently confirmed Rosenbaum. Witwer remembers the door being left open for him to do the same after his departure.

"They asked me at some point if I'd be willing to come back and guest for an episode - this was right after we parted ways with the whole Zod thing - and I said 'Yeah,' but they either had bigger fish to fry or they've been busy. Again, those people, I owe them quite a bit, because I don't think I'd be sitting here on 'Being Human' if it weren't for that role."

"Being Human" is a remake of the BBC series of the same name, in which Witwer stars as vampire Aidan, along with former Jimmy Olsen (from "Superman Returns") Sam Huntington. The series has been renewed for a second season and is due to begin shooting at the end of the summer.

So, are you disappointed Witwer never got to grow the goatee? Bummed Davis and Chloe never had a hallucinatory reunion this year? Or just glad that Blue was invited back for one last hurrah? Sound off on the CBR Message Boards, and catch a new episode of "Smallville" tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern and Pacific on The CW.

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