Smallville, X-Men 4, Heroes, The Batman: May 9th Comic Reel Wrap


Actually getting your hands on Lex Luthor's flash drive? It could happen according to Kryptonsite. There's a new promotional campaign for the Justice and Doom game where "visitors to select comic book stores in New York, Boston and Los Angeles can pick up a free copy of Lex Luthor's high-tech flash drive and learn all about Chloe Sullivan's mother and why Lex is so interested in her abilities."

Speaking of Chloe's power, TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has some possible spoilers in his column as well as his vodcast (right side of the page).

Finally, the network has posted a trailer and clip for the episode "Prototype" on their video hub.


The rumor that "Lost" actor Josh Holloway will be taking on the role of Gambit for a stint in Westchester has resurfaced at ShowBizSpy. "We had a meeting and they wanted me to play Gambit, the card dealer character," Holloway said. "They thought I'd be perfect for the part. We'll see." In 2005, Holloway took himself out of contention for the role.


Date the cheerleader, date the world? Sci Fi Wire alleges that the character played by actress Hayden Panettiere could be doing some dating next season. "I think people want to see her being a normal teenage girl," she said "They want to see her have boyfriends. They want to see the human side of her, which, you know, is what normal teenage girls do. They date. They like boys. They kiss boys."

Meanwhile, producer Greg Beeman has posted a new blog about this week's episode, "The Hard Part."


There's high resolution images from the season finale posted at the Toon Zone message boards.


Creator Tony Millionaire was interviewed at Newsarama about his new animated series. "We had a lot of almost sales with Sock Monkey scripts," says Millionaire. "We had taken it to so many studios that we had given up on it. I remember going to pitch sessions and them constantly saying 'this stuff is weird!' and I would say 'what's so weird about this?' 'Sock Monkey' is basically a Victorian version of 'Toy Story.' You mention George Herriman and they would go 'you mean the guy who created 'Kookie Kat?'"


A posting at Sneak Peek notes that "the first background performer 'go-sees' for The Incredible Hulk feature film, set to start filming this July in Toronto, took place Saturday, May 5 at Toronto Film Studios, 629 Eastern Avenue, in Toronto. Background Casting had scheduled interviews between 12 noon and 12:45 for ACTRA members and 12:45 to 1:30 PM for non-union performers, after putting the call out to Toronto agents last week, looking for performers to play 'Senators' and 'Spanish-looking' types."


Comics2Film has posted the publisher's first quarter report which notes that 2008 will see both "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk," and that writers have been engaged for "Captain America," "Nick Fury," "Thor," "Avengers" and "Ant-Man" with the last one having a director as well.

As well, Variety reports that "Spidey heats up Euro box office" with a litany of results from international markets.


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