Smallville, X-Men 3, The Crow: Wicked Prayer, Crisis: May 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


Kryptonsite has a look at a new promotional image showing Clark Kent getting his matriculation on. They also have fresh spoilers from actor Tom Welling about what's happening with the season finale "Commencement." Finally, rival site Devoted to Smallville has a new teaser ad (Windows Media only) for next week's episode "Ageless."


Director Matthew Vaughn was all over the place, promoting his film "Layer Cake," and while out there, was pelted with mutant-related questions. He told IGN's FilmForce that he expected Halle Berry to be back as Storm and talked about what kind of changes he plans to enact. "I think that conflict needs to be expanded on and I wanted the villains to be less, sort of, what's the word? At the moment I think there's a lot of mustache-twirling in the last films and I want to get rid of that and make the villains really scary and more realistic ... I hate CGI. That's why I'm trying to do everything in-camera. Listen, you have to use CGI but I want to do as much in-camera as possible. I'm a gamer, I like video games and I feel like, when you watch movies, half the time it's like watching an extended game... You just switch off [with bad CGI] ... They want us to come out next May and that's a problem. We've got a hell of a lot to get done in 12 months. That's the only difficulty I foresee. Making a film is making a movie, it doesn't matter what the budget is."

Meanwhile, IESB caught up with the recently-single Rebecca Romijn and hounded her with questions as well. "She was quick to say that she will miss Singer as the director and that she has now been given an August 1 start date. When asked about the script she mentioned that last she heard it was not done yet and that there has been plenty of changes from the first drafts. The early reports that the storyline would revolve around the Dark Phoenix may no longer be accurate. Part of the problem that Fox is having is that they currently don't know what character the third movie will focus and revolve around."


Comics Continuum has an update on the Edward Furlong-fueled sequel, which is slated to be released on DVD July 19th, with a gruesom preview image.


According to Superhero Hype, John Leguizamo will star as the lead character, Bruce Lombardo, in an adaptation of the graphic novel Crisis, created, written and illustrated by Star Wars artist Matt Busch. The project is currently in development at Rebel Films.


Entertainment Tonight has an in-depth look at the upcoming Christopher Nolan-helmed DC adaptation.


There's a new set report online at Fish8Me.com complete with new photos. "'Ghost Rider' filming on location at Little Collins street. The night before they were blowing up cars on Flinders Lane. My friend stays there and they saw them light up the street with fire with the Hell Cycle riding up and down all night. Tonight, they lit up Little Collins with these massive lights. Saw lots of parked cars with Texas license plates. plus what looked like a stunt scene between a red and a black SUV. And the Hell Cyle itself, of course! Two of them actually. No Nicholas [sic] Cage though."


DVD Answers has the specs on the DVD release of the Vertigo adaptation, a proposed two-disc set and a single-disc version.


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