Smallville, X-Men 3, Sgt. Rock, Superman Returns: April 19th Comic Reel Wrap


Kryptonsite has a press release about the already-updated Project Mercury blog, chronicling some of LuthorCorp's more ... unusual works.

Meanwhile TV Guide's Ask Ausiello claims that Lois will be trapped on a plane with one of her cast mates, who he describes as "*a****." The only cast member whose name corresponds to that number of letters and configuration is "Martha," as in state senator Martha Kent ... unless we've missed somebody ...

Speaking of, the ascendant political widow was interviewed by New York's WB11 (Windows Media only) while TV.com has a new video clip from the upcoming episode "Mercy."


The official site has launched featuring downloads, profiles, image galleries and more. In other news, Superhero Hype has a look at a Polish one-sheet poster, showing most of the gang from Westchester.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, John Cox has been hired to write an adaptation of DC Comics' World War II adventure series being produced by Joel Silver for Warner Bros. The property has long been in development at Warners, with such scribes as Brian Helgeland, John Milius, David Peoples, Jeffrey Boam and Steven De Souza having tackled the adaptation.


IGN's FilmForce has an feature about cast and crew interactions with actor Kevin Spacey, who transformed himself into the thorn in Kal-El's side. "I completely didn't recognize him," said director Bryan SInger of the first time he saw Spacey in character. "I was walking towards my trailer in the park, and I'm looking at this guy staring at me standing by a tree. I thought he was a crewmember, someone I'd never seen before. I keep walking and he's staring me at me all the way and I'm like, 'AHHH!' It was him!"

Wednesday afternoon, Warner Bros. released images that recently appeared "Nickelodeon Magazine" and "Premiere."


There might not be much to do in Cleveland, but the Plain Dealer is keeping up with supplies that the web-spinning production is buying locally.


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