Smallville, Wolverine, Gatchaman: September 24th Comic Reel Wrap


Just in case you missed "Smackdown" last week, the network showed a new all-Supergirl commercial, and of course it's on YouTube ...


According to X-Men Films Barry Robison has joined the spin off as production designer. He's worked with director Gavin Hood before on the October 19th film "Rendition." The site also reports that Oscar-nominated cinematographer Donald McAlpine is on board and Kenny Myers is returning to do the makeup.


Superhero Hype has a press release saying that animation guru Paul Dini has been signed to collaborate on the screenplay for the CG-animated motion picture. "We are excited to have Paul on our talented 'Gatchaman' team," said Francis Kao, Co-CEO & Chief Creative Officer of Imagi Animation Studios. "His extensive background in animation and superhero comics will contribute greatly to this ambitious action movie."

"The original series was one of the classics of early anime, and the film will be very true to the Japanese source material," said Dini. "As a studio, Imagi is constantly breaking the boundaries of animated adventure. Not only are their action sequences amazing, but their characters are driven, complex and play for life-or-death stakes. It's a great environment for a writer with a rather dark take on animation."


An article in the Hollywood Reporter notes that "Superman Returns" co-writer Michael Dougherty and "Hostel" writer/director Eli Roth have each been hired to write an episode of the interstitial NBC series. Roth will also direct.


According to Variety, Beatrice Rosen and Joshua Harto have joined the cast of the Christopher Nolan-helmed Bat-sequel.

Also, Reuters is reporting that the production is causing ruffles with Hong Kong politicians. "We welcome the movie but want to ensure arrangements are hassle free," said Kwok Ka-ki, a legislator who attended the meeting. "Just don't get it done in the middle of the night at 2 a.m.," he told Reuters, referring to the helicopter sequences.


Why is Bruce Banner in New Jersey? NJ.com wondered the same thing, and checked in to what was happening at Blair Academy. "We are being depicted as a small college in North Carolina, from what I gather," Blair headmaster T. Chandler Hardwick said. Some of the footage will be digitally altered, but the hope is that the campus will still be recognizable as Blair, Hardwick said.


According to Moviehole, Australian actress Victoria Hill auditioned for the role of Wonder Woman in the DC adaptation.

Obsessed With Film claims that director George Miller signed Owen Patterson as production designer, fresh off working on the Wachowski's "Speed Racer."

IESB has some new rumors, such as debunking their own rumor and saying actor Tom Welling will not suit up as the Man of Steel while claiming "Superman Returns" lead Brandon Routh is now a contender (which, clearly, is no great stretch of the imagination).

They claimed as well that actor Ryan Gosling was being considered as the Dark Knight Detective, but Gosling himself told MTV some things that make that implausible. "I never really read comic books actually," Gosling said, "so it's not really a genre I'm familiar with. [But] I don't know if anyone would have me as a comic book hero. It's never really come across my path ... you'd go for the wrong reasons. You'd ... watch me go play Batman and laugh."

Finally, the rumors continue to swirl at Justice League On Film about whether the film is even live action. Their source wrote, "I am '90%' positive that 'JL' will a digitally animated project, using Motion Capture technology [as has been rumored]. Several actors have been tested for roles, like 'Wonder Woman,' and while a physical type for each role is being sought, the emphasis has been on vocal performance, rather than on a perfect physical match. Also, the team that worked with Miller on 'Happy Feet' -- which was all digital animation -- are being sounded out for involvement with 'JL.'"


Before we get away from talk of the Bat completely, the site Batman Yesterday Today and Beyond has over 150 screen captures from the recent 5th season premiere.


Black Adam or Captain Marvel? Every the populist, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has an egalitarian suggestion for casting the film, noted at IESB. "I'm very excited about 'Shazam!' but nothing nothing is set in concrete yet," Johnson said. "The people who are gonna best make that decision are not necessarily me or the director or even the studio, as much as it's gonna be the fans. The fans of Black Adam, the fans of Shazam, the fans of the history and mythology of that comic book are very passionate and very loyal."


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