Smallville, Wanted, Fantastic Four, Transformers: June 12th Comic Reel Wrap


Both TV Guide and Kryptonsite have the press release about the big news (with some mild spoilers): "This fall, Supergirl will be joining the lineup of burgeoning superheroes and villains in SMALLVILLE. Supergirl is the latest DC Comics character to join the series that has previously welcomed Martian Manhunter, The Green Arrow, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Brainiac. Casting for the Supergirl role is currently underway."

Kryptonsite also has the casting notice that was sent out for the part.


Director Timur Bekmambetov talked to MTV about the mean-spirited movie adaptation. "We will create a world, and then we will destroy this world," Bekmambetov said. "The hero will discover the whole world. It looks ordinary, but it's not. It's an industrial world filled with weaving machines, lots of traps, lot of looms flying back and forth and predicting the future. The looms weave these fabrics, and the fabrics have a pattern, like a binary code, that has information. The weavers can read the fabric -- they see the structure of it and they can read its messages. Then they know who has to be killed to keep the balance of the world."

Creator Mark Millar made a post on his message boards about what would be different from printed page to silver screen. "Anything in a superhero costume (besides Wesley and Fox's leathers) is gone," Millar wrote. "But everything else is the same. First half of the movie is very close to the first half of the graphic novel and the ending is similar, though shifted to elsewhere. Fates [sic] stuff is obviously new and works better in a movie than Marvel/DC in-jokes so I'm fine with it. Looks bloody great and that's the main thing. And the words 'f*** you' have never been used on camera more beautifully than a scene somewhere around page eighteen."


News in the world of animation and live action today: Marvel.com has created a preview page for the "Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes" episode "Imperious Rex," which will feature a certain speedo-sporting Atlantean monarch, which debuted Saturday on Toonami.

On the movie front, Comics2Film has some interview tidbits from a set visit. "That's our job; to take it seriously," actor Julian McMahon said. "Whether it's a kid's movie or a popcorn movie or what kind of stuff, but to make it that you have to take the job seriously. So if I'm in a situation where it's funny then you have to make it funny. If I'm in a situation where it's dramatic then you have to make it dramatic. And dramatic can be funny at times ... So this is just like any other job. You have to take the script. You work with it where you can. You work with the other actors. You work with your director. You come up with something that's hopefully plausible, that hopefully something that sticks to screen and everyone goes, 'well I believe they're in that moment in time.'"

Actress Jessica Alba was quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about her character's development. "It wasn't necessarily Bridezilla," Alba said. "But it was fun playing with the anxiety of 'Wow, I'm making this decision that's going to affect the rest of my life' and really toying with the idea of 'Do I want to be a career woman or do I want to be a family woman?' And I think a lot of women feel that pressure and were overachievers who want it all. So I like that. It was fun to play someone that I feel like I could relate to, and I know a lot of women can. "When parents go and watch this or when young professional women or teenage girls who are thinking about what they may be like when they're older go see this, they can probably relate to Sue more."

Finally, MTV has a series of film clips from the movie, which opens ... wow, three days from now.


Voice actor Peter Cullen is the subject of articles at Comics2Film (a fairly lengthy interview) and Sci Fi Wire where he praises working with the director ("Michael Bay is a character unto himself, and he was a cast all himself," said Cullen) and the work itself ("It was a long process Ð many, many, many sessions with Michael Bay. Unlike a normal cartoon where I just go in, do my thing, and then go home, this lasted over a period of several months. Sometimes I would only do a couple of recordings a week, sometimes the sessions could last about 3-4 hours, and other times the sessions would be shorter. Sometimes it took longer just to drive there! But beyond that, the believability factor that comes into play is different in film than in cartoons, so we had to make that transition for the film. Michael Bay worked very closely with me on this, and took it very seriously. He always had many notes, and if it wasnÕt believable enough, heÕd say, weÕre going to tweak this, and weÕre going to get Peter back and redo this line, etc. So it was a really exciting creative process, and I was very glad to be apart of it").

Comics2Film also has an image gallery from the press conference in Seoul, where actress Megan Fox and director Michael Bay were joined by a full scale replica of the Bumblebee robot.


A report in the Associated Press claims that Miss Universe winner Riyo Mori was considered as a new cast member. "As soon as I won Miss Universe I had this big chance," Mori said. "I've never acted before. I went to the casting audition and read a script in English and Japanese, and they said it was really good. So I hope I can be in the show." Mori said the role of Yaeko would be a love interest for one of the main characters on "Heroes."


A note at World's Finest claims that actress Dana Delaney will lend her talents to the animated series next season in an unspecified role.


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