Smallville, Transformers, The Dark Knight, Heroes: June 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


How many times can we say it -- don't call it a comeback. Kryptonsite has an interesting rumor that suggests that next season will have a bit more greenery around.


Superhero Hype has the final domestic one sheet poster which, yes, does look like one of the international posters from some Asian markets.

Plus, of course, there's a new TV spot on YouTube ...

... hey, that was Megatron, huh?

Also, the debate whether or not director Michael Bay is harsh is framed in a piece on Sci Fi Wire. The press is very weird, because a sound bite gets out thereÑ'Michael Bay yells'Ñit's like, listen. I visited Jim Cameron on Titanic," Bay said. "I move my own sets. I shoot very fast. I never leave the set, and you know, I love working with actors. I love giving actors freedom. I love improving with actors. It freaks studios out, because they're like, 'That wasn't in the script! That wasn't in the script! What's this? He's wrecking the movie!' And I'm like, 'Trust me. It's going to be funny.' ... But, you know, when I'm doing action scenes, I'm going to be your worst nightmare basketball coach. That's to get the energy, the adrenaline, going."

Actress Megan Fox gave kudos to the freedom she enjoyed as an actress. "He gave you a lot of freedom with like dialogue and things like that," she said. "He's good that way."


A huge set report offers possible spoilers about a surprise villain re-appearing, complete with video ...


Stay tuned to CBR today for a slew of news from the big press conference yesterday.


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