Smallville, Transformers, Sin City 2, Ghost Rider: January 19th Comic Reel Wrap


Justin Hartley would like to get cozy with Halle Berry? This and other random facts about the CW's Justice League are in a strange blog by E! Online's Kristin Veitch.

Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has screen captures from next week's episode "Labyrinth" and the official network description of the February 8th episode, "Trespass."

Finally, we got an email from Dave Tomko pointing out an interview with actor Kyle Gallner, who plays the resident speedster in last night's episode "Justice."


Making a big movie with secrecy is hard when you have to develop toy prototypes and have subcontractors. Lucky for us, though -- you can get a sneak peek of Photobucket files showing "fast action battlers" (read: Transformers for people too dense to handle the complicated normal versions) versions of Optimus Prime and Ironhide.


Shellie's not going anywhere, according to quotes from actress Brittany Murphy at Sci Fi Wire. "I love Shellie so much," Murphy said. "Frank has a soft spot for the character of Shellie. He wrote Shellie into every single one of his graphic novels, and she's the only single character that he wrote into every single one. So I'd like to see Frank be pleased with whatever Shellie's doing and the amount of whatever Shellie's doing. I would pop into any of the Sin City movies and say one line. I love being a part of it, and I have the real blessing of having had the stamp of approval from Frank Miller for his favorite character."


Speaking of Sci Fi Wire, they have some interesting quotes from actress Eva Mendes about surprises working with Nicolas Cage. "He would have the script, and he would come to the set and do the opposite of what was on the page," Mendes said. "Nic would take it to another level. He would flip everything that was happening in the script that day, it was fascinating. I expected the unexpected, and that's what I got. Every time, he would get me, because he does this great thing where he turns things upside down, and he doesn't play it the obvious way. He just kind of flips it. Then he can make the most mundane sentences sound really heavy. I was like, 'How do I do that?' I actually made heavy sentences sound mundane. I think he's so into what he's doing. He's such a professional."


Sci Fi Wire gets the hat trick, with quotes from actress Hayden Panettiere, giving possible spoilers to what her character can expect in upcoming episodes.

You can also catch a clip from the episode "Godsend" on MySpace.


Newsarama has an interview with voice actor and former Mousketeer Mark Worden, who voices Tony Stark in the animated direct-to-DVD feature, talking about how he finally found the right role to get him into the Marvel family. "It was an audition like anyone else," Worden said. "I was actually asked to come in and audition for Captain America originally. Craig Kyle believed enough in my talent that he kept bringing me back for other roles. They brought me back to read for Thor, then they pulled out the Iron Man role. They all seemed very pleased with that."


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