Smallville, Transformers, Heroes, Fantastic Four: August 31st Comic Reel Wrap


Devoted to Smallville looks like the first to post a set of production stills from the season premiere, simply titled "Zod."

Kryptonsite fires back with quotes from today's new Wizard magazine, where producer Al Gough discussed what we can expect this season. "Season Six is about the price of being a hero," Gough told Wizard. "We've left Clark in this predicament and when he comes back his father is dead, his girlfriend has left him and other people in his life begin to move on. He's beginning to ask, 'Is this hero thing worth it'?"


The beat goes on -- if you have Windows Media you can check out a brief bit of footage allegedly taken on set, while Latino Review has an article complete with video, photos and a set report. Finally, producer Don Murphy has agreed to take fan questions at the Seibertron message boards and answer fan concerns about leaked images and more.


Superhero Hype has an exclusive interview with the series creator Tim Kring. "It's always hard to go back and think about how you came up with something," he said, "especially when it took several months to come up with it. There were several little moments along the way. One was on "Crossing Jordan" my other show, we have this very mild-mannered woman character on the show, and we did a scene where somebody breaks into the morgue where she works, and she kicks the sh*t out of them in this kind of kung fu way. In this surprising way that she suddenly had these abilities that nobody knew about, and that was actually the first spark of the inspiration, this very ordinary person has this extraordinary ability that nobody knew about. Then I saw two movies back-to-back literally on two consecutive days that just sort of blew me away. One was my friend Charlie Kaufman's movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and the other was "The Incredibles." I was really blown away by both movies, and I started thinking about them. In a weird way, they started to kind of meld in my mind, taking the kind of Kaufmanesque hyper-real characters, very anonymous characters, people you would pass on the street and not think twice about, and I started blending them in my mind with the premise of "The Incredibles," people trying to live ordinary lives while having these superpowers. So that was kind of where it all came from, and the other genesis was that I was looking to do a big serialized saga, and I wanted to start literally from the very beginning. Whereas most TV shows, you start and somebody's already a lawyer or they're a cop or they're doctor and they work in a hospital. I wanted to do a show that started from absolute beginning of the inception of these abilities."


Comics Continuum has some details on the plots for the first four episodes of the new Marvel animated series.


We must note the Associated Press report noting the death of actor Glenn Ford, who once played Jonathan Kent, at age 90. Our condolences to those he left behind.

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