Smallville, Transformers, 300, Iron Man: October 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


Lots of news about the hit CW series today, mostly from Kryptonsite. We start off with the official network description for the November 9th episode "Rage." There's also fresh spoilers for the November 16th episode, called "Static." There was a longer trailer for next week's episode "Reunion," and there's screen captures and the actual trailer on the network's video hub.


If you can't wait for images from the movie, this foreign site has photos of two toys (Optimus Prime and Starscream) in their "protoform" or original Cybertronian shapes.


The official website for the film has been launched, and you can see new production photos at Superhero Hype.


According to NE-FX, "the latest is that the bulk of the FX work on the upcoming Iron Man film has gone to Stan Winston Studios."


Superhero Hype also has a canned interview this year's San Diego Comicon with creators Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess about the big screen adaptation.


Producer Grant Curtis has updated the official blog updating on the film's progress and Curtis developing a "making of" book about the film.


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