Smallville, Transformers 2, Iron Man 2: February 24th Comic Reel


We got an email from Steve Younis, who noted an exclusive interview that with actress Serinda Swan, who plays Zatanna, who provided a great deal of research opportunities. "I tried to find out as much as I could through comic book stores," Swan said, "and any and every website I could possibly find. She has such an amazing story, so it was very important to me to keep it as accurate as possible. I was extremely interested to find out that her story was intertwined with the alchemist Nocholas Flamel, which she is a direct descendant of, and that she was involved in the first major comic book crossover in 1964, where she interacts with Batman and Robin."

Kryptonsite has a better look at the character's first photo from TV Guide.

Next episode: "Infamous," March 12, 2009.


More toys? If you can handle the spoilers, you can check 'em out at The Bad and The Ugly.

Meanwhile, screenwriter Roberto Orci posted a spoiler at TFW2005.

Starring Shia Lebeouf, release date: June 24, 2009.


Director Jon Favreau was interviewed by The Playlist, confirming that actress Emily Blunt will not be playing the role of Russian spy Natasha Romanoff. He also noted that there was no confirmation on Mickey Rourke.

Wrestler Matt Morgan is noted in this podcast (MP3 download) talking about the metal minded movie and possibly heading to Kansas as well. Thanks to Rich Jones for the heads up on that one.

Release date: May 7, 2010, starring Robert Downey Jr.


CBR News has their latest installment of the ongoing "Behind the Eclipse" series.

Meanwhile, producer Greg Beeman has a fresh installment of spoilers on his blog, discussing last night's episode.

Next episode: "Exposed," March 2, 2009.


There are new production stills and a video clip making the rounds today, thanks to Latino Review ...

Starring Justin Chatwin, release date: April 8, 2009.


Speaking of video clips and interviews, there's a gang of them over at IGN.

Starring Kristin Kreuk, release date: February 27, 2009.


Finally, there's a new video clip on YouTube featuring Rorshach.

Directed by Zack Snyder, release date: March 6, 2009.


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