Smallville, TMNT, Speed Racer, 30 Days of Night: December 13th Comic Reel Wrap


If you like your spoilers piping hot, look no further than today's Michael Ausiello column over at TV Guide, which also covers some stuff from "Heroes."

Meanwhile, Devoted to Smallville has posted the new trailer for upcoming new episodes in the much more popular YouTube format.

Finally, Superhero Report has an interview with actor Alan Ritchson about his costume change for the episode "Justice." "Fortunately, the tank top and shorts are out," Ritchson said. "I donÕt know how I feel about the speed skater-esque super suit thatÕs in though."


If you've got Windows Media player, you can check out the new trailer in high resolution.

We got an email from John Cruz, who said that a trailer was also released on the "Thundercats" Season 2, Volume 2 DVD set, with just the amphibians and no Splinter.


Producer Joel Silver gave IGN an update on the big screen adaptation. "They said they'd never work again [after] the 'Matrix' sequels," Silver said. "At the end of the first couple of days the studio was able to forecast what ('V for Vendetta') would make domestically, which was $70 million plus. That was great. The movie didn't cost very much, so everyone was very happy. The next weekend 'Ice Age 2' opened with $70 million and the boys thought that was very interesting ... they wanted to make a big family entertainment." The production plans to shoot entirely in Germany.


Ghost House Pictures has posted the fourteenth behind-the-scenes clip from the Steve Niles adaptation.


Reader Matt C wrote in to point out this link showing the first official photo from the Marvel-minded sequel, taken from the Francophone magazine Cine Live.


Speaking of new images, Movie Infos has a photo of Mary Jane and Peter hanging around in a web ... shouldn't that stick to their hair?

Also, alert viewers caught notices on the cable network FX promising a sneak peek during the January 2nd airing of a director's cut of "Spider-Man 2" (sourced from Superhero Hype).


According to CanMag, the new trailer will be on line December 20th. It is rumored that actual Transformers will be seen in action.


Fanboys everywhere are reluctantly wiping up their drool -- the fansite RachelOnline has a note debunking rumors of her being cast as Pepper Potts. "Rachel's publicist told Etalk that it's not true, Rachel will not join the cast," the site notes.


While we're discussing violent billionaires, Batman-On-Film has some notes on what to expect in costume changes for Thomas and Martha Wayne's baby boy. Their Jett writes, "Our guy tells us to look for a suit thatÕs 'athletic' and be more 'fabricky' -- if I can use that as a description. There will still be an element of the sculpted 'body armor' on the suit, so donÕt expect something totally rubber-free."

As for the clown prince of crime, Jett writes, "don't expect TDK's Joker to be 'costumed' as we've seen in the past either. While he will still clearly look like and be The Joker, expect him to be 'less cartoony,' if you will. Our source told BOF, '[Since The Joker is] much more dark, sinister, and threatening [in 'TDK'], his costume is very much going to reflect that.' He added, 'It's not going to be a suit that is tailored for him, but more something he acquired. I mean, what tailor would actually make a suit for The Joker?"


More Spartan scenes are available in the ninth video journal, available at Comingsoon.net in Quicktime and Windows Media formats.


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