Smallville, Thor, Baltimore: September 28th Comic Reel Wrap


With the new season under way, there's a litany of links coming with new data about the show. First up, perennial favorite Kryptonsite has image galleries for the October 11th episode "Fierce" and the October 18th episode "Cure" (with guest star Dean Cain ...oh, there's an official network description for that ep too). They also have screen captures for next week's "Kara" episode.

Meanwhile, the network has posted a spoiler-y video interview with actress Laura Vandervoort, who talks about playing the Girl of Steel.

Finally, producer Al Gough was interviewed by Wizard and revealed a number of things we'll see this season.


Comics2Film has a script review of the Matthew Vaughn-helmed Marvel movie.


Director David Goyer can't get enough, since Variety reports that he's in charge of the Mike Mignola/Christopher Golden adaptation.


Speaking of vampires, director David Slade is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about getting nocturnal for the film. "It was a really difficult film to make. We were under extreme duress, physical and mental, working extremely long nights," Slade said. "We were doing really big things, [and] sometimes you don't have enough money to do them. So I think on the one hand, we were having too much fun to actually be daunted by it. And on the other hand, the physical stress of actually doing the thing, staying up all those nights ..."

Slade gave more details on the film's content to IGN, saying, ""We designed a language that didn't sound like any language, like English or any kind of human language. That was based on feeding, eating, hate. Simple things," Slade said. And then we worked out [Marlow's] back story in his mind. He read Spinoza ['Spinoza's Ethics']. He was an intelligent man, and he'd come to the point in his mentality that he believed morality was a petty human trait and he hated them for it. He's not just a monster. He's a monster who's a controlled monster ... not just a rampant nihilist. He's actually someone with great burden, great responsibility and a great hatred for humanity. Maybe jealousy. He has a great hatred for God, which I like. One of my favorite lines in it is when he kind of looks around and [says], 'No God.' You wanna ask somebody about God? Talk to the undead."


It's not the JLA or Bryan Singer's directorial commitments holding up the sequel, or so claims UGO's Movieblog. No, its crowded court dockets -- the widow and daughter of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel are suing Warner Bros. for 50% of the rights for both Superboy and Superman, and that's holding things up, the site alleges.

There's also a note in an interview at XSI Base where concept illustrator Ben Procter says that sequences from Superman's return to Krypton may be used in the sequel. "I worked on a variety of elements for this lost sequence," Procter said, "including the destroyed planet itself and both the exterior and interior of a large crystalline ship which has carried Supes from earth. The interior was fully built and photographed as a translucent, glowing set which I've only seen in one photograph in the 'Art of Superman Returns' book. Bryan Singer's group has made noises about including the lost sequence in a sequel film, and I sure hope they do that so I can see how it turned out! Also cut from the release was a scene where teenage Clark Kent discovers the hidden remnants of the Kryptonian space pod which brought him to earth as an infant. I modelled the pod in 3D, once again working within a crystalline, alien style of construction."


Director Lexi Alexander has made another post on her website revealing that actor TJ Storm has been cast as Black Irish mobster Maginty.


Keeping it coaxial for a moment, CBR News has video previews and the official network description for next week's episode, "Lizards."


Know of any huge venues available for rent? Director Julie Taymor told LA.com that location is holding up opening night. "We want to open in New York, and there aren't enough Broadway houses," Taymor said. "It's really tricky because ours is a big musical that's really unusual. It will have some fabulous things in it because it's got a very strong book ... I'm very proud of the songs that Bono and Edge wrote. It's a real rock-and-roll musical, so we're not worried about that aspect. We just have to find where we're going to do it -- even if we have to do it in a tent, which we're looking into -- and when. It'll at least be a year away"


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