Smallville, The Spirit, The Man of Steel: October 12th Comic Reel Wrap


Producer Al Gough answered burning questions for TV Guide, like exactly how Clark will try to take to the skies.

The CW has posted an interview with actor Aaron Ashmore talking about a possible new love interest for his character Jimmy Olsen.

Finally, Kryptonsite has production stills from the October 25th episode, "Action," as well as screen captures from the promo for the Dean Cain-fueled October 18th episode, "Cure."


Script? Who needs 'em? Frank Miller was able to sign actress Eva Mendes to his Will Eisner adaptation just based on who he is, or so she told MTV. "When I first met with him," Mendes said, "it was actually me and Scarlett Johansson -- we got there at a similar time. We actually sat down and we met with Frank together. It was fantastic, and I was just like 'Look, I donÕt even know what the script is, but I want to work with you.'"


There's an interesting rumor at Ain't It Cool News alleging that director Bryan Singer -- brace yourself -- has been hounding actor Terence Stamp to resurrect his role as General Zod.


We've got new images from the animated series here at CBR.


Here's that video of actor Michael Caine talking about the Bat sequel, again at MTV.


Creator Michael Allred talked to Newsarama about development on his movie project. "[Director] George [Huang] was getting married in Italy, so it seemed like the perfect time to go to his place. We wrote out the cards, and broke it down scene-by-scene, and then he went to Italy on his honeymoon while I knocked out the screenplay. Then, when he got back, we were able to go over it together and give it a polish ... I think the three of us -- Robert [Rodriguez], George, and myself are very close to sharing our vision for the film with Dimension. The bottom line is that all the elements I'm excited about are in there, and all the moments that I think the most diehard fans would want are in there. Right now, we're waiting on the studio notes, and hopefully we'll get the green light and be able to start casting and scheduling. Otherwise, we'll go back for a new polish and start up again. But that's the exact situation we're in now."


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