Smallville, The Man of Steel, Wolverine: October 10th Comic Reel


Kryptonsite has new screen captures for the promo to next week's episode, "Committed."

Next episode Thursday, October 16, 2008.


Keeping it Kryptonian, comics legend Paul Levitz talked to Latino Review and implied that things might not have changed as much as we think. "Last week Brandon Routh has come around the offices in New York and Los Angeles as of late to talk about Superman and what we want to do," Levitz allegedly said. Interesting ...

All details nebulous.


Actor Taylor Kitsch talked to MediaBlvd Magazine about playing a certain Cajun mutant thief. "He's just another comic book character that has kinetic energy. It's a fun role," Kitsch said. "You'll have fun watching it ... I knew of him, but I didn't know the following he had, and I'm sure I'm still going to be exposed to that. I love the character, I love the powers, and I love what they did with him. I didn't know that much, but in my experience, it was a blessing to go in and create my take on him. I'm excited for it, to say the least."

Release date May 1, 2009, directed by Gavin Hood.


Mania.com has a press release noting that an animated Avengers series is on the way.

Expected broadcast debut in 2009.


Trusted trade publication Variety confirms yesterday's report that actor Josh Brolin will strap on his guns to play the DC character.

All other details nebulous.


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