Smallville, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine, Stardust: June 28th Comic Reel Wrap


IESB has a new video interview (Windows Media only) with actor Michael Rosenbaum, who claims he can see the end of the series in sight, including a villainous turn by his character Lex Luthor that will satisfy what fans have been craving.

Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has more information about that DCU guest star on their spoilers page ... and the information is controversial, to say the least.


Moviehole is rumormongering about the new shell game coming to theatres in 2007, with a trailer at San Diego's Comic-Con.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "The promise of Hugh Jackman's 'Wolverine' headlining a spinoff of 20th Century Fox's 'X-Men' franchise next year was a highlight of Day 2 here at Cine Expo. 20th Century Fox promised the gathered exhibitors a Jackman starrer titled 'Wolverine' for next year and Jackman himself sent the show a taped promise to back up the news."


Faithful reader Kevin Bradsher wrote in to point out this post from writer Neil Gaiman's blog, which states "I also hear that the release date of 'Stardust' has moved back to Spring Break -- March 9th 2007. And that there will be a whole Stardust-the-movie presentation, with footage from the film and special guests at the San Diego Comic Convention this year."


The teaser is now online at Apple Computers, with 65 screen captures from the footage right here on CBR. Meanwhile, shooting continues in New York and set photos keep making their way on to the web.


One last shot? How about a video interview with actor Brandon Routh over at IGN's FilmForce. All right, then.


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