Smallville, Super Ex, X-Men 3: The Comic Reel Wrap for August 30th


Comics Continuum has the first part of an edited transcript of the Canadian National Comic Book Expo panel featuring Erica Durance and Margot Kidder, where they discussed the character and the series, as well as some unusual surprises. "There's another 'Superman 2' that no one's seen," Kidder said. "We were a year over schedule, actually, on the first two movies. We shot them as two movies, but in one shoot. Dick Donner was just the most extraordinary director and didn't feel the need to be glib and snide and let the world feel he didn't take it very seriously. In fact, what he did, was take it very seriously. And then what happened was the first one came out, we shot most of the second one and the first one was a huge hit. And the producers -- Truth, Justice and the American way being what it is -- were totally crooks. They fired him because they didn't want to pay him all the money they owed him. So they were going to shoot the last two scenes with me and Chris (Reeve), put it together and say it was directed by Richard Lester, who they owed 3 million bucks to from another movie, and they said they would pay him as he finished up this one. Then the Directors Guild said that you can't do that, half of the movie has to be really directed by the person who gets the credit. So they hastily rewrote a lot, and then Chris and I had to refilm these newly written scenes. So there is somewhere, in a vault, a wonderful Dick Donner 'Superman 2,' scenes with Christopher and I, and I'd love you to write Warner Bros. and ask where it is."


Meanwhile, our pals at Kryptonsite have a scan of Carrie Fisher at the Daily Planet.


According to the Hollywood Reporter (subscription required), Anna Faris and Eddie Izzard have signed on to join Uma Thurman and Owen Wilson in the Ivan Reitman-led comedy. Faris will play Hannah, the love interest of Owen Wilson's character. Izzard will play Professor Bedlam, the story's villain.


Speaking of movies with "X" in the title (Worst. Segue. Ever.), Hollywood North Report has photos of actor Shawn Ashmore arriving in Vancouver, set to chill out in his role as Bobby Drake.



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