Smallville, Spider-Man 3, AvP2, Fantastic Four 2: January 12th Comic Reel Wrap


The word is out, and the word is "Justice." The network has already posted the trailer at their video hub, and Kryptonsite has screen captures from the trailer as well. Producer Al Gough talked to Geek Monthly about the upcoming episode, saying "We started early in the season and booked all of the actors so that we had them lined up. Then it was a matter of crafting a story that was sort of containable; that had one sequence that showed off all of the Justice LeaguersÕ abilities. ItÕs an important milestone for us, and thank God the episode turned out well. The worst would be to get all of these people together and end up with a crummy episode."

There are other episodes in the works too, such as "Crimson," and TV Guide has the official description of the Valentine's Day episode airing February 1st.

Finally, Kryptonsite has a new rumor about when two of the show's characters will be getting hitched.


Medicom's new Venom 12-inch action figure is available, and you can take a gander at it over at Sideshow Collectibles. They've already shown off figures of Spidey in his black costume and in the classic one.


AvPGalaxy has done an interview with actor Ian Whyte who donned the Predator suit in both films. "'AVP' was a joy to work on because I had never, ever done anything quite like that before," Whyte said. "It was a big budget film, with a high profile and it was great to be in a city like Prague for six months. 'AVP2' has been a real achievement by everyone who worked on it. It was a pleasure to work with old friends again and a pleasure to make some new ones, but if you are putting a gun to my head and asking me to choose, then I would have to say 'AVP2.' 'AVP' was a great film and was hugely successful, but as far as the concept of battles between Aliens and Predators goes; you ain't seen nothing yet!"


Director Tim Story has given an update on the progress of the film. "Been going strong editing for a couple weeks now (not including the countless weeks doing it while I was shooting)," Story wrote. "Everything's everything. Wish there was more to share but we're just into so much. Titles, Vis effects, sound -- all that. Got a lot to experiment with in regard to sound." He asked fans who they thought should give voice to Norrin Radd for the film.

Actor Doug Jones talked to Ain't It Cool News talking about the Surfer as well. "He carries that with him every day with his silent, strong, stoic angst," Jones said. "Love that. And, by the way, these are all things that I am not. So, I had to really buckle down and throttle back, as much as I like to express, and just let the eyes talk, and let a stance, and lower the voice and speak slower and more directly, and trust and feel that that was enough, that he was getting his point across. He didnÕt need to do more because he is all that powerful. So, that was interesting for me as a character to delve into. But also, the beloved-ness of him and how much the fans love him put so much pressure on me, but in a good way. In a good way that, hopefully, my main concern is what the fans think, especially when IÕm in this kind of a genre film." Jones still thinks he's in the running to be heard as the Surfer.


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