Smallville, Spider-Man 3, 300, Hellboy 2: March 8th Comic Reel Wrap


One more time with feeling -- Lex is headed to the altar, and Kryptonsite are your wedding photographers. They also have some production stills from the March 22nd episode, "Combat," as well as fresh spoilers on a variety of topics and a secret about Chloe Sullivan.


There's a couple of different Topher Grace photos at IESB, which cribbed them from "The Art of Spider-Man 3" book after they got nuked from AICN.


How many interviews can director Zack Snyder do? We'll find out, won't we, as he talked to Australian site Moviehole and Superhero Hype. He's also quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about changes he made from the source material. "We wanted to make sure that ... the battles didn't become abstract in the sense that I didn't want people to lose track of what they were fighting for," Snyder said. "I feel like when you see Leonidas at the end of the graphic novel, the last thing he says is, 'My queen, my wife, my love.' And I thought, ... for an audience, it's been an hour and a half since we've seen her. ... With a graphic novel, you can flip back and go, 'Oh, yeah, that's right, OK.' In the film, you need to give it to them a little bit right before."


Actor Ron Perlman got the video interview treatment from IESB when he went to check out the red carpet premiere of "300."


Faithful reader Hector Lima pointed out this story at our pal Heidi Macdonald's The Beat, noting that the Javier Hernandez project is back on and headed to the big screen at the 14th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival March 8-18.


Actor Julian McMahon had a lot to say today, as he spoke with Superhero Hype, IGN (video interview there) and MTV, mostly talking about the change in looks for our friend from Latveria.


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