Smallville, Spider-Man 3, 30 Days of Night, Iron Fist: March 30th Comic Reel Wrap


Kryptonsite is first up at bat with a new image gallery showing actress Lynda Carter guest starring on the hit CW show. They also have screen captures from the "coming attractions" styled trailer that showed on Thursday night. You can check the trailer itself at the network's video hub, or hit Comics2Film to find out all of the songs that will be on the soundtrack.


The hits keep on coming from the web-spinning sequel. Film Ick has some new wide format images from the Sam Raimi-helmed film, and the movie's blog has been updated with illustrator E.J. Krisor talking about the look of Venom. Finally, Comingsoon.net has a look at the second international trailer.


According to Variety, Spider-director Sam Raimi will be producing two online and on-demand series for Sony, one of which is a prequel to the horror film. "Second project, also penned by [Ben] Ketai, will serve as a prequel to '30 Days of Night,' the Ghost House- Columbia Pictures feature about vampires who feast on an isolated Alaskan town. Skein will debut in advance of the October release of the feature."


Antsy to get a peek at kung fu and pajamas? Grab a candy bar, pal -- according to director Steve Carr (who talked to Rotten Tomatoes), it's gonna be a while. "When I have the opportunity, we'll figure it out but there's a long line of comic books getting made into films and he's kind of like a smaller star of that galaxy," said Carr. "So I don't know when it's going to happen honestly. I'd love it to be kind of dark and almost kind of chop-socky kind of vibe, but it feels like there's a lot of comic book heroes they want to make first."


Speaking of studio politics, Comingsoon.net also reports that M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening" will be released the same day as the gamma-spawned sequel, Friday the 13th of June, 2008. Hulk smash?


Director Kevin Monroe talked to Newsarama about some of the technical aspects of the film. "We actually did radio style with the Turtles themselves. That was something I demanded we do from day one. It just bothered me so much that with most movies they would have the actors show up whenever. Those performances lacked that natural back-and-forth that comes with regular conversations. It just doesn't happen. My philosophy is you can try to capture it in isolation, but actors really do need that interaction with each other. The drama goes up with each line. You never get that if Raph's in on Tuesday and Leo's in on Thursday. When they are all together in person, they can hear each other sitting next to them and react to that person's voice. So I made sure we did that from the very first day. I love imperfect line deliveries. I love the idea of people who stutter a little bit. So the idea was to get the main four guys into a room and have them go at each other. After all, they were all really talented voice actors. It wasn't like trying to get four big name celebrities into the room. Because of that, the improv was hot. We never achieved anything near as dramatic and challenging with the name stars." He also mentioned that the script is done on "Gatchaman," which should be out in 2-3 years.


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