Smallville, Speed Racer, Incredible Hulk, Transformers 2: July 12th Comic Reel Wrap


Oh, we got your Supergirl right here, pal -- People Magazine revealed that Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort has been cast to play Kara, cousin to Clark and an equally (possibly more) powerful Kryptonian.

While we're on the topic, Kryptonsite has the title for next season's third episode on their spoilers page.


According to Variety, actress Nayo Wallace has been cast as Minx, Racer X's girlfriend.


An article on Extra Online claims that director Louis Leterrier and producers from the upcoming reboot visited Tavares Bastos, Brazil to scout locations a possible October shoot. Don't panic, you're not having a stroke -- the link's in Portuguese, but the Google translation is almost worse (ask 'em over at Comics2Film.


Voice actor Mark Ryan was interviewed by SKNR and said he's "recently recorded more material for the DVD release of the film. It has to do with the Prequel that will set up the second film."

Oh, for all those still keeping score, Superhero Hype has a box office update on the Cybertronian adventure in theatres now, noting that the movie "set an industry record for a non-sequel of $155.4 million in its opening week, surpassing the previous record held by the original 'Spider Man' in 2002." It also can claim to be "top July 4th weekend ($70.5 million) for a non-sequel, surpassing the studio's own 'War of the Worlds' in 2005 ($64.9 million)" and "op Wednesday gross of all time ($29.073 million) for a non-sequel, beating the previous record holder 2004's 'The Passion of The Christ' ($26.6 million)."


Reader Tom Stillwell sent in a memo he got at his office about Bat-related street closures for Chicago residents adventurous enough to drag their digital cameras into the Windy City night. Here's what it said ...

STREET CLOSURES2006 Film Services, with the assistance of the Chicago Police Department, will be filming scenes for "Rory's First Kiss" Wednesday, July 11, 2007 through Sunday, July 15, 2007.While the closures will not affect access to our building and parking garage, please be aware the following street closures will be happening this week.

Wednesday, July 11Lower Wacker Drive (From Harrison to Michigan) from 7:00 P.M. until 6:00 A.M..

Thursday, July 12Lower Wacker Drive (From Harrison to Michigan) from 7:00 P.M. until 6:00 A.M..

Friday, July 13Lower Wacker Drive (From Harrison to Michigan) from 7:00 P.M. until 6:00 A.M.

Saturday, July 14Lower Wacker Drive (From Harrison to Michigan) from 7:00 P.M. until 6:00 A.M.

Sunday, July 15Lower Wacker Drive (From Harrison to Michigan) from 7:00 P.M. until 6:00 A.M.

In addition, there will be no parking from Wednesday, July 11 through Sunday, July 15 on the following streets:(presumably all day but there should be postings)- Both sides of Lake (Franklin to LaSalle)- Both sides of Franklin (Wacker to Randolph)- Both sides of Post Pl. (Lake to Lower Wacker)Please remember that these times are approximate and may vary depending on weather conditions and scheduling conflicts.

Superhero Hype has some more locations around the Chi where stuff will be happening and when.


BuddyTV has a rundown of the voice casting for the new Darwyn Cooke-inspired direct-to-DVD animated feature, including Kyle Maclachlan as Superman, Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman, Brooke Shields as Carol Farris, Phil Morris as King Faraday, David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan and Neil Patrick Harris as the Flash (which we first reported on March 26th).


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