Smallville, Spawn, Superman Returns, Sin City: August 5th Comic Reel Wrap


Kryptonsite's back with fresh spoilers from the Television Critics of America Press Tour, Miles Millar giving up the inside dirt on Clark's love life and another stint at directing. They've also posted the schedule for the rest of the summer reruns and the first two episodes.


Comics Continuum has news about a new villain coming to the Spawn mythos. "There's a whole new world," said Terry Fitzgerald of Todd McFarlane Productions. "There's new bad guys, who are more real." Fitzgerald talked about Lukas, the new bad guy in town. "He's an up-and-coming mobster who comes into power by playing off cultural superstitions," Fitzgerald said. "He sews people's eyes shut. He's a bad ass."


There's new Lex Luthor set photos up at Kevin Spacey Fan, showing the bald one in all his glory.


The aforementioned page at Comics Continuum also has images from the upcoming "Sin City" DVD, due in stores August 16th. Production is slated for January on the sequel, based on the story "A Dame To Kill For."


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