Smallville, Shazam, The Dark Knight: September 5th Comic Reel Wrap


Oh, we got your Supergirl right here -- Kryptonsite has production stills from the upcoming season's second episode, "Kara."


Director Peter Segal talked a little (very little) about what he's planning to do in an interview with Comics2Film. "WeÕre working on that right now," Segal said. "Again, youÕve got something that started out in 1939 and as with all these comicbooks you have to find what to hang onto and where invention comes in. But the spirit of that movie is a fourteen year old boy who becomes a twenty eight year old superhero, so itÕs Big meets Superman. So thatÕs for me where I thought I could have some fun in telling that story."


Some might consider the images from the Magic Apparel Show a bit of a spoiler given the name of a character used, but Kung Fu Rodeo could just be covering all items DC ...


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