Smallville, Rent Girl, Naked Cosmos, X-Men 3: The Comic Reel Wrap for May 6th


Kryptonsite burned the midnight oil to bring you new high resolution screen captures of the new trailer, as well as excerpts from an interview with actress Allison Mack, talking about Chloe knowing Clark's secret. The network has also posted the lates trailer (56k DSL and T1 and above, RealMedia only).


Been saving this one for a rainy day -- according to Warren Ellis, creator Laurenn McCubbin said, "Michelle Tea and I signed an option deal for 'RENT GIRL' with Tony Jonas, the Executive Producer of 'QUEER AS FOLK.' It looks like 'RG' is going to be made into a TV show. Holy crap ..."


Speaking of indie comic creators on the loose, The Beat has some screen shots on "Naked Cosmos," "a pseudo-cable access sci-fi TV show made by Gilbert Hernandez. Yes, that 'One-of-the-world's-greatest-living-cartoonists' Gilbert Hernandez. And it's out on DVD." The esteemed Ms. Mac points to a trailer which allegedly has to be seen to be believed.


Empire Online has a special feature with Marvel's movie guru Avi Arad, talking about working with Matthew Vaughn, as well as mentioning "Punisher 2," "Fantastic Four," "Ghost Rider," "Spider-Man 3," "Iron Man" and more.


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