Smallville, Punisher: War Zone, Torso: December 4th Comic Reel


Big spoilers in a scan from TV Guide over at Kryptonsite that discusses what could or could not happen in the future for the long running series.

Next episode, January 15, 2009, "Legion."


In the final throes of their publicity blitz, director Lexi Alexander and actor Ray Stevenson are still making the rounds. First up, Stevenson faced the fist of five questions from CBR News.

Director Lexi Alexander spoke with Superhero Hype, talking about clothes. She said, "It's funny because I never in a million times thought when I took on this project that a costume could be talked about for so long. I thought, 'My God.' First of all, Ray isn't the type of actor who says 'yes' to a spandex movie, and I didn't want him in spandex. It would've been weird. It would've been some kind of Sacha Baron Cohen kind of spoof seeing Ray in spandex. So we definitely said we wanted to go more the military route. We had to deal with the skull. I didn't want it too bright. I see now some fans are saying, 'Oh, I wished it would've been brighter.' Personally, I thought it was silly, it almost looked a little bit pre-schoolish to me to have that skull so bright. There's different opinions about it, but it was a long back and forth until we all agreed on the uniform."

Alexander also told Superhero Flix that her choice would be to have Stevenson direct a next installment.

She told Sci Fi Wire about tone and style. "Between the look of it and the comedy of it and the violence, it's a very distinctive voice," Alexander said. "Not everybody goes with that kind of voice from a young filmmaker. I did get tapped on the shoulder [and asked], 'What the hell are you thinking?' Some of it I pushed more. Some battles I lost. When I talked these actors into joining me, when they all passed one after another, I said, 'OK, no, this will not be 'Punisher 2.' This will be something very special, and here's how it's going to be special.' I make very sure that I deliver that. Imagine [if] I would have to sit next to Ray during a press conference, and it's a s--t movie. He would sit there going, "' hate her for f--king talking me into this.' To be honest, I'd rather have him as a friend than anybody else out there I had to battle."

Release date: December 5, 2008.


What's up with the long awaited Brian Michael Bendis adaptation? Hollywood Insider noted that Paramount's rights to the project (which they call "Ness" after the lead character) expire ... oh, in eleven days, and the studio has yet to green light it, despite having a director attached and commitments from Matt Damon, Casey Affleck and Rachel McAdams. "At press time, the studio insisted it only recently received a finalized script from Ehren Kruger ('The Ring') and would make a decision before the rights ran out."

Directed by David Fincher, no release date announced.


Let's have some more from Lexi Alexander! According to Mania.com, she's been reading the Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor script.

No release date announced.


Actor Common told MTV that he'd love the idea of a prequel. "It would be best with Angelina, if they could make it a prequel," he said. "That would be great. Because you didn't get to know my character too well; you didn't get to know a lot about him. I haven't heard what they are doing, they are keeping it tight right now probably until they get the script written. But I'm enthused that they have a sequel."

No release date announced.


World's Finest has posted an interview with voice director Andrea Romano, who talked about the people behind the voices. "I know what advice I won't give anymore," Romano said. "At the last Comic-Con, I gave my stock answer to that question, which was 'Send large expensive presents directly to my office.' A few months later, I get this enormous gift basket. It was stunning -- a bottle of wine, three different kinds of cheeses, pesto sauce, pasta ... and a demo tape. I had to call the guy and say 'I can't accept this, I'm uncomfortable with this,' but he said 'No, no, no -- I work in the industry. It's okay, it's legal. I admire your work, and this is really just a thank you for everything you've done. If you have chance to listen to my demo tape, that's just great, if you don't that's fine, too.' But it was still a very weird moment for me."

Starring Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion, release date March 3, 2009.


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