Smallville, Punisher: War Zone, Spectacular Spider-Man: September 14th Comic Reel Wrap


Actress Allison Mack gave up a few spoilers in her video interview with the CW Source, while Kryptonsite has the official network description for this season's second episode, "Kara."


Actor Paddy Consadine is telling people that he's been offered a role in the reboot/sequel, but doesn't say what it is. UPDATED: This link stopped working while the Comic Reel was in production.


Animation veteran Victor Cook talked to Entertainment News International about what to expect from the animated series. "Peter will definitely deal with many issues kids deal with today such as finding a date for the school dance, keeping up with studies while holding down a part time job, dealing with bullies and navigating the social cliques of the modern day high school," Cook said. "He is also dealing with some unreal issues such as keeping New York safe from super villains! These are new scripts that use the classic characters. Greg Weisman and the writers are contemporizing that exciting time of PeterÕs life when he first became Spider-Man from the classic Lee/Ditko era."


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