Smallville, Painkiller Jane, Justice League, The Flash: January 20th Comic Reel Wrap


Devoted to Smallville has a cool message board post about a fan encounter with actors Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) and Jensen Ackles (Jason Teague) which starts and stops a rumor about one less Luthor around the show.


According to Variety, Tate Donovan ("The OC") and Richard Roundtree ("Shaft") have signed to topline the series pilot "Painkiller Jane" for Sci Fi Channel. "Smallville" actress Emmanuelle Vaugier stars in the title role, and Eric Dane, who plays a street-smart thief who befriends Jane, and Walker Howard round out the cast.


Comics Continuum has the scoop on new episodes of the hit Cartoon Network animates series (serieses?), with both shows making a comeback February 5th. They also feature some screen captures.


The Done Deal script sales archive has listed info on David Goyer's Flash film. The script was logged on 12/17/04, and the logline reads: "An aspiring athlete is exposed to heavy water fumes which gives him the ability to move at incredible speeds." It also notes David Goyer as writer and director.


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