Smallville, Painkiller Jane, Hulk 2, The Dark Knight: September 18th Comic Reel Wrap


Ah, it's autumn again, and the sound of websites battling each other for exclusives is as crisp as crunching leaves beneath your feet. Kryptonsite has screen captures of the series being featured on the TV Guide Channel, as well as the official network description of upcoming episode, "Sneeze." Meanwhile, on the other side of the web, Devoted to Smallville has the whole segment in Windows Media format, and has posted a Windows Media file showing a clip from "ET on MTV" where the set got visited by TV personality Vanessa Minnillo.


According to Production Weekly, "Sci Fi has resurrected the dormant action pilot 'Painkiller Jane,' a superhero actioner about a young Marine officer with self-healing powers, ordering 22 one-hour episodes more than a year after the pilot was shot. Production will begin up in Vancouver early November and continue filming until July."


Director Louis Leterrier answered a number of questions over at the Superhero Hype message boards, joking that Jason Statham would play Betty, claiming that Dominic Purcell was not in negotiations to get all green and angry, and admitting that a wholly CGI Hulk was not out of the question.


The rumor mill at Batman-On-Film is still cranking, talking about who's allegedly is (Guy Pierce) and who is not (Liev Schreibner) in the running to play district attorney Harvey Dent.


Actor Hugh Jackman talked to the Detroit News about how happy he is to play the Canucklehead. "For me as an actor, it's an amazing part," Jackman said. "I think Wolverine, in, not just the comic-book genre, but any kind of action movie, is one of the great parts. I love playing him, and it's a challenge. "I want to make a piece that's in every way -- stylistically and character-wise -- that's different, that shows new stuff."


According to Fangoria well-known chatterbox Ron Perlman will be featured at their Weekend of Horrors convention, September 29-October 1 in Secaucus, NJ.


The official video blog has been updated, talking about the journey to bring this film to market, while director Mark Steven Johnson is headed to Wizard World Texas in November.


Faithful reader Daniel Robert Epstein was the first to email us about an interview over at Newsarama, where they chatted up the actor who will bring Wesley Gibbs to celluloid life. "Since the character was so based on Eminem, I feel like I have to get away from that since it is something I will never achieve," said James McAvoy. "Nor should I try to attempt. I feel like I am going for the essence of what he's done and then try to fill it in. there are also complications in translating a comic book to screen. Some things work really well and other things don't. I suppose how we recreate that will determine our level of success. Timur and are working that out. Timur is incredible. He's an evil genius. So I am just putting my @ss in his hands and hopefully he won't bullocks it."


You can see some rejected armor designs at Screen Rant, which the producers claimed were close, but no cigar.


Comics Continuum has a brief interview with voice actor Michael Cornacchia, who provides the voice of Bouncing Boy. "At first, when I found out about the character I was very excited because, I was like, 'Oh, he'll be the comedic relief.' And he is, at the very beginning, you know, 'The Bouncing Boy, I eat a lot of food and I bounce.' But they did a really good switch towards the middle part of the series where I actually get even more responsibility. I won't get into the details on that, but that was awesome, too. It's just to show that just because I bounce and I might not have the best powers in the world, but I have other abilities that get the job done at the same time. And he's hysterical. I was excited. I was like, 'I'm a ball! I get to bounce!'"


Apparently Peter Parker will find his way around the Big Apple on a Moped when he's not swinging, based on the information at this site. The filmmakers got their production model from this retailer, and they saw it as a chance to promote their product, sweet little capitalists that they are.


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