Smallville, Mirrormask, The Losers: The Comic Reel Wrap for September 15th


Executive producer Al Gough is making the rounds before the season starts, with an interview with TV Guide, discussing some spoilers, James Marsters' involvement and some of the guest stars we'll see.

Meanwhile, the official network description for the October 6th episode, "Mortal," is out and Kryptonsite has it.


CBR News got a chance to interview Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean about the upcoming cinematic experience. A sample? "Hollywood executives really love the smell of their own urine," Gaiman said, "and what they really like doing is urinating on things. And then going, 'Hmm, now this smells really good' and being really puzzled when the rest of the world goes 'No, actually it smells like pee.'"



According to Variety (subscription required), "A double-crossed CIA black ops team known as "The Losers" is the latest DC Comics property to be tapped for the bigscreen by Warner Bros. Pictures." Peter Berg and Akiva Goldsman will produce, with Berg writing the screenplay and angling to direct.


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