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Smallville, Incredible Hulk, Superhero Movie: February 7th Comic Reel Wrap

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Smallville, Incredible Hulk, Superhero Movie: February 7th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Justin Hartley has new interviews with Buddy TV and IGN discussing returning to the series. He told Buddy TV, “I just kind of walked right back into it,” he said of the Ollie Queen role. “The only thing I had to make sure I was doing was keeping myself in semi good shape, you know what I mean? You don’t want to show up and bust through that costume. It was great. Everybody’s really fun, really nice, and I had a wonderful experience. The show is great.”

Hartley told IGN a lot more spoilers, including talking about his character taking a different tactic with the would-be Man of Tomorrow. “He’s not so forceful with him as he was,” Hartley said. “I think last year when they first met, he might have been a little forceful, but then I think Oliver took a different approach and was like okay, look, everybody in Clark’s life is probably giving him a constant barrage of ‘You’re not doing what you should be doing’ and making him feel like he’s guilty because he’s sitting on the couch. And Oliver kind of took a different approach. There are certain times where it flairs up and it becomes that, but this time around it wasn’t. It was more about accepting what he does, with maybe one flair up. He’s hoping he’ll come around sooner than later.”

Speaking of interviews, producer Al Gough got chatty as well. Talking to The Trades, Gough looked way ahead, talking about how to deal with people who, uh, know what he looks like sans glasses. “That will be the challenge when we wrap up the series — although, we know how we want to do it. It’ll feed into the Superman legend. Whether it will be a version people respond to remains to be seen. But we do have ideas as to how to wrap our version of Clark and ‘Smallville’ into the Superman lore.”

Gough also dashed hopes that Jor-El would ever be seen. “Sorry, this probably won’t ever happen,” Gough said. “You’ll just have to use your imagination (think an older General Zod-ish circa ‘Superman 2’ looking fella).”


According to an interview at All Hip Hop, “The Wire” veteran Michael K. Williams will be playing an unspecified role in the Edward Norton-fueled reboot.


There’s a new trailer and artwork at the official website, and Superhero Hype has an early look at images from the movie.


We got an email from TV Guide’s Rich Sands, noting this first look at the show’s take on a certain Thanagarian hero.


Comics2Film has an interview with screenwriter Tony Bedard discussing the possibility of sequels. “I certainly hope we do get some sequels on this because there’s a lot more to be told about this guy and the place that he’s in,” Bedard said.


CBR News has the coroner’s report on actor Heath Ledger’s death.


It’s kind of like that last, lazy week before school lets out for the summer … but in reverse, as the Associated Press is proliferating a story that a draft of the proposed WGA/AMPTP deal could be available by Friday.

So what does that mean? Time for one more big day of picketing at the Mouse House in Burbank, one last chance for everybody to get out their bile and hatred … before going back to work.



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