Smallville, Incredible Hulk, 10th Muse: December 4th Comic Reel Wrap


Don't call it a comeback -- Kryptonsite has new promotional images from James Marsters' return in January's new episode, "Persona."


Survey says "nyet!" Actor Tim Roth is quoted at Superhero Hype talking about just how Russian he'll be as Emil Blonsky. "I just literally wrapped last week, and it was such fun," he said, "I'm bloody tired by the way. From being in the action stuff, I don't know how the hell they do it, people like Bruce Willis. They must have great stunt doubles. I had three of them! My god, and I was so happy when they were working!" But what about the accent? Will The Abomination sound Soviet? "No," Roth responded. "Do you know why? They wouldn't pay for a dialect coach. So now it's London."


Superhero Hype also reports that NBC/Universal pseudopod CastleBright Studios has optioned the Blue Water Productions comic for a live action film.


Actor Darius McCrary told Black America Web that he's in talks to reprise his role as the ripped-in-half hipster robot Jazz.


Director Matthew Vaughan told Obsessed With Film that he wants to cast an unknown as the Thunder God. "ThereÕs one British guy IÕm thinking of but heÕs totally unknown," Vaughan said. "Actors today seem to have forgotten how to be real men. You want someone with balls."


Animation legend Alan Burnett is the subject of an interview at World's Finest talking about season five.


If you like profanity, you'll enjoy reading Harry Knowles' less-than-detailed perceptions of the Wachowski-minded trailer, over at Ain't It Cool News.


The theme continues to be "cagey" as IGN has quotes from actor J.K. Simmons, who talked a little about returning as J. Jonah Jameson. "I'm not contractually obligated," Simmons said. "My understanding is that no one is. We were all -- those of us who appeared in all the films -- initially signed up to do the three films, including Sam and Tobey and Kirsten and myself and everyone else. I'm hopeful that Sam will do more. I'm sure Sony will do more. I hope to be involved in any case, but it would be doubly great if Sam were still making the movies."


What a ride -- director Greg Beeman has updated his blog discussing the season finale "Powerless," while Kryptonsite has some images from the episode.


The word for today's renewed negotiations is "haggle" as the WGA presents a counter-offer to the AMPTP. This happens as Variety continues to prepare for a long, hard winter and the media calls the difference in proposals "a relatively scant $20 million." Of course some reliable sources say there's more money at stake than that.

The backdoor politicking continues as moderate studio execs are being called on by the WGA to temper the rhetoric of their hard line compatriots as WGA East reached a tentative deal to keep ABC News on the air.

Also, showrunners are still considered unified in their strike support as Lost headman Carlton Cuse calls shenanigans on the latest AMPTP presentations and again stopped working on his hit ABC series. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel quietly paid many below-the-line employees of his show out of his own pocket, while Variety notes that many big stars are suddenly available for filming due to strike related issues.


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