Smallville, Heroes: The Comic Reel Wrap for September 15th


Actor Justin Hartley was interviewed by Soap Opera Digest, and discussed his upcoming stint as Oliver Queen. "I was watching Michael Keaton and Christian Bale and their takes on Batman. It's interesting because that helps me with this character more than it did for Aquaman because Green Arrow is more like a Batman character. Also, I studied Clive Owen in 'Inside Man.' He doesn't play a superhero, but this guy is a bad guy, and the whole movie, he's acting with sunglasses on, a hood and a mask up to his nose, so all you see is his forehead. The Green Arrow costume is a little bit concealing as far as the eyes go. A lot of times when you're acting, you use your eyes. When you're covered up, you can't do that. There are some times when you actually see my face on the show, so that's good [laughs]. It's not even me. It's a lie. I just feel bad about the Aquaman thing, so I just tell everybody I'm on 'Smallville.'"

There's a new combination promo for "Smallville" and their follow-up show "Supernatural," and Devoted to Smallville posted it in Windows Media format.

Finally, our pals at Kryptonsite have the spoiler-tastic TV Guide description of the season premiere, which airs September 28th.


A story at Sci Fi Wire notes that everybody on the new NBC series isn't an altruist. "We are bringing in other people with super powers, and they are not necessarily heroes," show creator Tim Kring said. "The show does introduce the concept of a major villain in the second episode, and that villain becomes a sort of a linchpin, [a] central character for most of the first season. It's one of the things that we're really fascinated with, ... this idea that all of these people have free will. They are just like any of us. If you find yourself in a time in your life when you are desperate or destitute, and you suddenly discover that you can walk through walls. Well, then you may walk through the wall of a bank and rob it and steal money. If you are inclined to do good, and you have the ability to hear people's thoughts, then you will do good with that. And it really becomes about free will, which is also a part of the hero's journey. What do they do when they are suddenly tempted by darker forces?"


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