Smallville, Heroes, Punisher: War Zone: July 2nd Comic Reel


It's that time again -- there's fresh spoilers at Kryptonsite for the hit CW series.


Speaking of TV comebacks (don't call it that?) CBR News has a special Behind the Eclipse feature with Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite.


CBR News also has a closer look at the new promotional posters from producer Gail Anne Hurd's big party.


The Joker's viral site has been updated with all of his wacky events to date ... but there are three items left on his list ...

Speaking of updated viral sites, Gotham Cable News and Citizens for Batman also enjoy new content. Just for fun, there's updates to the official site has been updated as well.

Getting back to the Clown Prince of Crime, there's a new poster at Superhero Hype.

Director Christopher Nolan's quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about where he's taking the franchise. "There's a huge advantage being able to jump in having told the origin story, so you can jump in with a fully formed character and then see where that goes," Nolan said. "So I think it definitely gives you the opportunity to go new places and to get into the story much faster."


Brace yourself -- according to Toy News International, the new animated web cartoon leading up to the movie will employ the writing talents of one Mister Warren Ellis. Seriously.


What's different about the title character this time? Actor Ron Perlman told Sci Fi Wire that it's not much. "[He's] very much the same guy, except this time we're seeing him circumstantially in a highly emotionally compromised state," Perlman said. "The relationship with [firestarter] Liz [Sherman, played by Selma Blair,] is on the rocks, and perhaps in danger of, you know, burning up, pardon the pun, right in front of him. And he's faced with the idea of life without Liz. So he's emotionally really compromised. And, of course, he does what Hellboy will do when he's not sure ... whether he has a reason to live or not. He starts drinking heavily. And, meanwhile, parenthetically, he's got to go save the Earth from complete extinction. While he's buzzed."

How about a new TV commercial?


Comics2Film has a press release noting that Telefilm Canada will adapt the Arcana property as an animated film.


Comingsoon has some crew announcements for the Alan Moore adaptation.


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