Smallville, Heroes, Iron Man: January 28th Comic Reel Wrap`


Spoiler-vision on! New episodes mean new video, in this case a director's cut clip of this week's "Persona."

Speaking of spoilers, there's fresh ones at Kryptonsite.


We got an email from Bill Vaughan of Tasty Clips pointing out that "The Wire" actor Jamie Hector will be joining the NBC series.


According to Variety, Micah Hauptman has filmed an unspecified role in director Jon Favreau's metal-minded Marvel movie.


Director Christopher Nolan wrote a piece for Newsweek about what it was like to work with Heath Ledger as an actor. "One night, as I'm standing on LaSalle Street in Chicago, trying to line up a shot for 'The Dark Knight,' a production assistant skateboards into my line of sight. Silently, I curse the moment that Heath first skated onto our set in full character makeup. I'd fretted about the reaction of Batman fans to a skateboarding Joker, but the actual result was a proliferation of skateboards among the younger crew members. If you'd asked those kids why they had chosen to bring their boards to work, they would have answered honestly that they didn't know. That's real charisma√Ďas invisible and natural as gravity. That's what Heath had."


Actress Emily Rossum has been updating her MySpace blog from the set of the manga adaptation. "I'm really enjoying getting to know Joon Park," Rossum wrote. "I'm not allowed to spill any secrets, but our characters interact a lot in the film."

Actress Eriko Tamura, who plays Mai, also updated her blog from the set, but in case you can't read Japanese, there's a translation at the Dragonball Movie Blog. "My wardrobe is very diverse, and it takes a long a time to put on the make up and decide the clothes I wear for certain scenes," Tamura wrote. "Some of the wardrobe for certain scenes has not appeared as of yet. A studio movie like this is a very time consuming job for everyone."

Finally, if you scroll down some, you can find some new set photos at Hoy Cinema.


Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true ... but if it's two places on the web, maybe? Latino Review has been saying that actor Channing Tatum will play Duke in the toy translation (which starts shooting next month), and now Ain't It Cool News concurs.


A story at Le Graphivore (don't panic, you're not having a stroke, it's in French) notes that director and producer Luc Besson just closed a deal to acquire the rights for the series of graphic novels created by Jacques Tardi. Besson plans to do a trilogy of movies with the first one to be released in 2009.


The big news of the day ... is no news at all. However, if anybody would have an inside line on the media-blacked-out informal negotiations, it'd be Nikki Finke who was "told the informal writer-mogul meetings are going 'in a positive direction' enough so that it's beginning to look possible for the Academy Awards to proceed normally." Finke wrote, "Friday's was an especially productive session, I've learned. 'I feel optimistic. In my opinion, today was productive and collaborative and respectful. I thought it was a very good day,' an insider told me.

The DGA Board of Directors has accepted the deal made with the AMPTP, but it still has to pass the muster of the DGA's 13,500 members for ratification.

However, the strike goes on, and United Hollywood has a calendar of benefits and events scheduled clear up to almost Valentine's Day, including a WGA/SAG unity rally at Century City's Fox Studios in the Los Angeles area, with actors being encouraged to show up between 12-3. Also worth noting for genre fans, February 6th is "Sci Fi Channel Day For Fans & Writers" with cast members from "Battlestar Galactica," "Eureka," "Flash Gordon," "Painkiller Jane," and others rallying at NBC Studios.

Also worth noting is a list of WGA side deals which has RKO Productions joining the roster.

Finally, CBR News continues its in depth analysis of the issues behind the strike, including talking to the creator of "Ask a Ninja" and "Thirtysomething" vet and "Quarterlife" creator, producer Marshall Herskovitz.


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