Smallville, Heroes, Hellboy, Spider-Man 3: October 24th Comic Reel Wrap


The Sioux City Journal has a feature with actress Erica Durance talking about the role she plays. "We all know where she ends up," Durance said. "The beginning -- that's what's interesting. She has a very curious mind. She likes to get to the heart of every story. She'll go into a room, assess each person to get what she needs out of them without revealing too much about herself. It's the same way with her relationships."

Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has the new promotional poster for the November 2nd episode "Fallout."


Right here at CBR we've got the first of a series of question and answer sessions with writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite.

You can also find the spoiler-esque network description for the seventh episode, "Nothing To Hide," airing November 6th.


Over at Major Spoilers, there's a big interview with writer/director Tad Stones, talking about not just this project, but the sequel. "'Blood and Iron' is a completely different movie. It is something we hope to keep up with every other movie -- we want it to feel entirely different, but it will always be Hellboy. 'Blood and Iron' is more of the Central European story, even though most of it happens in upstate New York. It is a Transylvanian vampire, based on Elizabeth Bathory, who believed if she bathed in the blood of young women, would stay young. Our premise is she REALLY got evil after she died."

Stones is also quoted at Sci Fi Wire giving a slightly different perspective. "Our animated films are much closer to the comic," Stones said. "Basically, every [medium] has its own Hellboy universe, and Hellboy's creator, Mike Mignola, is very careful to keep his universe separate. In our case, our goal was to get [the characters], certainly, and the tone of the story to be as close to the comic as possible. So in the comics, [Hellboy and Liz Sherman aren't in love, like they were in the live-action movie,] and so we're much closer to that. And yet I don't think anybody will be confused."


You can get an early look at Venom by checking out this ad for character statuettes from the web-spinning sequel.


According to a podcast at Seibertron.com, comedian Dane Cook is not going to be in the Michael Bay-helmed adaptation after all. Thanks to Thom Pratt for pointing that out.


The official site has been launched, and you can the four links here lead to photos from the production.


More pictures from the set? Okay, if you insist. More from the wedding and Sue Storm in action.


Could Bruce Wayne be headed to China? Rumors at Batman-On-Film think so, given further credibility by the fact that director Christopher Nolan is in Hong Kong "on undisclosed business."


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