Smallville, Heroes, 10: August 14th Comic Reel Wrap


E! Online's Kristen has spoilers aplenty -- including which two extraterrestrials are not fans of one another -- from the hit WB series, as well as some scoop on "Heroes" as well.

Kryptonsite also has some rumors which could be spoilers about a certain resurrection.


Speaking of television shows, CBR News spoke with actress Hayden Panettiere about the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, Superhero Hype caught the round table interview with actor Masi Oka, who's hard at work. "We're deep into production," Oka said. "We're moving at a really fast pace. We're almost starting Episode 5, I believe -- or we may have started. The filming has been fantastic. The location looks phenomenal. It looks great. It looks like feudal Japan. You wouldn't have guessed that it's Ventura County. But it looks like feudal Japan. The scout people found an amazing place. And it's been so fun working with David Anders and Eriko Tamura. They are the main focus in my -- in Hiro's feudal Japan storyline. We've been having a great -- lots of fun -- lots of action and drama. So it's been great. And I know I'll be in feudal Japan for -- Hiro will be in feudal Japan for a handful of episodes."


According to Variety, Ice Cube's company is circling a big screen adaptation of the graphic novel by Shannon Eric Denton and Keith Giffen, with the rapper-cum-movie mogul in the starring role. Ice Cube and Matt Alvarez of CubeVision are negotiating to produce along with David Alpert and Rick Jacobs of Circle of Confusion.


Actor Doug Jones talked to Premiere Magazine about how different this film is from the original. "It is an even bigger production," Jones said. "The original production in Prague was from start to finish longer but I was on it for a shorter time. That was a three-month commitment for me because my role was smaller: Abe Sapien dipped out -- for the last third of the film, you didn't see him. In this one, he is a major player from start to finish.


The rumors are flying -- first CHUD posted a tidbit about struggles between director Matthew Vaughn and Marvel about who should wield Mjolnir, with Marvel's alleged lead candidate Paul Levesque (popularly known as wrestler Triple H) being no good for Vaughn.

Then IESB claims that Vaughn's favorite for the part is "Rome" actor Kevin McKidd is the right guy for the pointy helmet.


Will Smith as a superhero, and Charlize Theron to boot -- that's the subject of set photos from a Francophone site called Les Films.


It's always the adaptations for that Neil Gaiman guy -- in speaking to MTV the prolific creator revealed that "Hard Candy" director David Slade will guide the Gaiman/Lenny Henry collaboration to the silver screen.


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