Smallville, Hellboy 2, Superman: The Comic Reel Wrap for September 3


Hollywood North Report has set photos and news from the hit WB series. "hey were filming the scene where Clark uses his speed and everyone is frozen ... the scene is a car is gonna hit Clark's dad, then all of a sudden a kid wearing red with a backpack with the thunder sign on it, therefore beating Clark, so I'm thinking this is Flash, who else could it be???"

In other news, the team at Kryptonsite has a new rumor that a former cast member may return in a flashback, and they also offer spoilers to clear up some details about the season premiere.


Actress Selma Blair talks to Empire Online about the upcoming film. "I think it would make sense for Liz to do more," Blair said. "She was a really strong woman in the first one who was restraining herself because she didn't have control over her strength. At the end of the movie she is kind of the unlikely hero. I can only imagine that that lends more strength to her character for a sequel. There'd be no point her stalking around all doom and gloom. She's coming into her strength and I think there's a lot of comedy to be had in that."


Finally, people are putting their money where their mouth is. Comics creator Mark Millar has returned to the web to dispute reports that he is, in fact, full of hooey. "Just to hammer home how confident I am as regards my source (pretty much as good as it gets), I will personally write a cheque to charity for 1000 dollars from my Wolverine royalties (Wolverine 20 and 21 out October 2004) if Jim Caviezel isn't cast as Superman on the day principal photography starts. Warners may have a couple of PR stunts planned prior to the final announcement, but this is a bet that Jim C is standing there in a Superman costume once the cameras start rolling. Now is AICN so sure of their sources that they will do the same? My charity will be the Clyde Coast Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre."

Like any good schoolyard taunt, it worked like a charm, and Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles responded, saying, "I love this. I totally agree with Mark Millar -- I'm willing to bet we'd be the two point crunch as Nick Frost illustrated last night, if we ever met. I like Mark Millar ... Love his writing ... but folks ... He's WAY wrong -- and he'll be paying to a great cause, and that makes me happy, cuz ... JESUS ain't SUPERMAN! Mark Millar has issued a bet for charity, he named his charity as the CLYDE COAST MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS THERAPY CENTRE ... a wonderful wonderful charity. Unfortunately - the charity that I won't be paying (CUZ Jim Caviezel is not gonna be SUPERMAN in the Bryan Singer directed film) would be THE COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND. So now the good folks at Clyde Coast need only wait for the first day of photography on SUPERMAN to be 1K richer!"


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