Smallville, Green Hornet, Captain America: August 6th Comic Reel


TV Guide has a big spoiler on developments for Clark and ... well, that would be telling, wouldn't it?

Kryptonsite has updated its interview with actor Sam Witwer, who wasn't very clear on what'll happen. "Where that relationship is going, it's a new type of thing for the show," Witwer said. "I'll say this: I don't think Clark has had the opportunity to have a friend like Davis, and likewise. I can't get any more vague than that, can I? They're going to have a very unique buddy-buddy friendship. That sounds weird too, doesn't it? I can't talk about it, man. I really can't. It's a really awesome idea, though."


A fan caught actor Seth Rogen on "Late Night with David Letterman" and sent some scoop to Superhero Hype. The scooper wrote, "Seth talks about diet and working out with a trainer to get ready to play Brit. He ended the segment by doing a running dive 17 feet across a swimming pool set up on 53rd Street while wearing a black business suit and tie. Seth lost his glasses during the stunt but managed to come in fourth in the Purina diving competition for dogs. It was a cool segment and it looks like he's already lost some weight."


According to Slashfilm, "American Gladiators" star Mike "Titan" O'Hearn is reportedly in the running for the title roles in two highly anticipated, upcoming genre films: Lionsgate's "Conan the Barbarian" and Marvel Studios' adventures of Steve Rogers. He's already played Superman in the web-famous fan film "World's Finest" by Sandy Collora.


Actor Jay Baruchel, who's been cast as Maxwell Lord, told JoBlo.com that he still holds out hope. "Well it's been postponed indefinitely," Baruchel said. "And it keeps getting postponed. And each time it gets postponed, the chances of it getting made seem to decrease ... It's never been officially over. So there's always that. In a heartbeat I would drop whatever I had going on to do that. That movie and what I get to do in it is like nothing I've ever seen or would ever get a chance to do again."


Voice director Andrea Romano sat down for another interview, this time with Toon Zone. "Knowing that we were doing a slightly more comic take on Batman for this ... and when I say that, it's not that we're doing 'SpongeBob' or 'Pinky and the Brain' or 'Smurfs.' We are making a 'Batman' cartoon, but within that, we are allowing Batman to have a sense of humor, and for some of the other characters to have a sense of humor. To laugh at the situation, which is not really what we've done in the past at all with the specific character of Batman."


Speaking of Batman, writer David Goyer is quoted at Sci Fi Wire quashing any rumors about who the Bat might face in any proposed sequels. "There's no reason why we necessarily have to use the same three or four that are still around," Goyer said. "I mean, Batman's got a wide variety, [a] rogue's gallery. Certainly we used two in the first movie that hadn't been in the films before. It's really up to Chris to decide, and he has not decided whether or not he wants to go back to the well again."

By the way, "The Dark Knight" has become the first film in history to make $400 million in the US in twelve days. Tony Stark is rumored to be consoling himself with Scotch and supermodels.


Staying on the DC side of the field, Variety's blog notes that the studio is taking pitches on who Kal-El should face in a proposed sequel. The article also notes Bryan Singer is still the name attached, debunking rumors of Louis Leterrier being involved. "It's an iconic character," said producer Thomas Tull at Legendary Pictures. "After everything that went into the first film, it's important to make sure that nothing is rushed and we come out with a fantastic second film."


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