Smallville, Green Hornet, Batman Begins: The Comic Reel Wrap for August 19


Just when you thought it was safe ... jumping into the Battle of the Fansites, the Superman Homepage has two video clips (.mov files) that have spawned the screen captures everybody else has posted including Clark and Lana getting their shower on.

Of course, Kryptonsite isn't the sorta website to take that lying down, so they struck back with a spoiler about Muchmusic's Amanda Walsh, who did a radio interview "from the set of 'Smallville'" and let slip some tidbits about what she's doing.


Uber-geek Kevin Smith spoke to Latino Review about developments on the superhero adaptation. "50 pages away from completing the script, he talked about how he's handling the Kato martial arts scenes. Not a fan of descriptive action, Smith is leaving much to the interpretation of the future fight choreographer. 'I try not to get into too much detail because they're going to hire a fight choreographer anyway,' Smith said. 'So I've always been a screenwriter that when it comes to the prose sections of the script, the scripted passages, in my own scripts I've always left them relatively thin because A, there's not much action going on, so hence not much need for screen direction. And B, I just feel like I know what it's going to look like when I direct it so I don't need to waste page space with scene descriptions or action descriptions. But when it comes to something like this, you do have to kind of lay it out visually for people because this movie like Green Hornet isn't supposed to be dialogue driven. They want moments, tentpole moments and stuff. So I tend to describe just enough and then leave it open for interpretation by a fight choreographer or whoever winds up directing it if it's not me.'" "Green Hornet" is scheduled to start filming in spring 2005.


Bloody-Disgusting has a report from a recent screening of Alien vs. Predator which included a Q&A with the film's writer and producer Paul W.S. Anderson, with some hasty explanations about last week's release. "About the studio's cutting of the film, which he had no control over, he said, and I quote, 'All of the best scenes were cut.' Anderson was obviously very annoyed at the way the film was released. However, this was not purely because of the PG-13 limitation, which incidentally, the studio enforced THREE WEEKS before the release date! It was always going to be R until then. Part of the reason for the cutting was that some of the effects were not ready by the time the release date came around. The effects team had very little time to do anything. As far as the content that was cut, apparently we see all those who die, die on screen, but he also said that there is a sub-plot that we will have to wait for on DVD. Yes there will be an R-rated Director's cut DVD although they don't know the release date yet."


The Christopher Nolan-helmed production couldn't get out of the Chicago area without a few more spy reports, and who else but Superhero Hype would have it, including allegations of the Batcave's location and a look at a Batmobile being broken down for transport.


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